Why won't my laptop turn on?

Why won't my laptop turn on?

What's wrong with my laptop?

¿Why my laptop won't turn on? If you have come this far and have asked yourself this question, you have a problem and we are going to try to solve it. The truth is that laptops are extremely delicate and there are many elements that can lead to this failure. For this reason, we are going to go over the main reasons for which my laptop won't turn on and try to remedy them. 

My laptop won't turn on: Reasons and solutions

You sit at your desk, you're about to start working remotely and suddenly...?why my laptop won't turn on? Alarm bells ring, a message to your bosses and the big question: what do I do now? As easy as going over the usual elements in this type of failure and crossing your fingers to find the solution. If this is not the case, don't worry because there are always ways to fix it. 

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Problems with the Screen?

On many occasions, it seems that the laptop won't turn on and it turns out that it's the screen that's giving error. Without going any further, that the brightness has been turned down so low that the screen appears completely black. However, in this case, the equipment would turn on, even if the screen looks like it is not. It may also be that it has fused display illumination

Why won't my laptop turn on? - Ventilation
My laptop won't turn on and I want to cry

However, the way to check if your laptop screen is faulty is to listen. Notebook fan activates when switching on the laptop. If you do this and the screen is still off, you have a problem with the display. To try to fix it, turn the power off again, disconnect it from the mains and remove the battery for one minute.. Put it back, plug it in, and pray to St. Bill Gates that it will turn on. 

Power supply failures

It is one of those things that blushes but happens. On many occasions, my laptop won't turn on and everything seems to be in order, buthave you checked the power supply? It can happen, from you using the wrong cable, to having bought a new cheaper or incompatible one that doesn't work. More logical is to get confused about the voltage, which will prevent you from booting your laptop. Be careful, it can also happen that the laptop is out of battery and you have it unplugged. It happens. Many times. 

Why won't my laptop turn on? - Charger
My laptop won't turn on because... it's not plugged in?

The solution lies in try another laptop in that socketto verify that it is working properly and, unfortunately, to verify that something is wrong with your equipment. It may also happen that the battery is incorrectly positioned or moved and prevents its correct operation

It may also be the case that your laptop won't turn on because of the charger. Whether it's a knock, damage to the cable or something else, the charger may be damaged and not charging properly. In some cases, the charger may not even have enough power to meet the power demand of the laptop. In this case, would have to buy a new charger or take it in for repair. It is always better than having to buy new equipment

Accumulated dirt

Your laptop, just like the vases at home or the television, accumulate dirt if not cleaned regularly. A common area of accumulation of dust and lint is the ventilation grill. If your laptop won't turn on, it may be because you are louvres are obstructed, do not allow air to circulate and cause the equipment to overheat above what is recommended. The solution is to unblock it so that there are no major problems. This also happens when the equipment is placed in an area that does not allow good ventilationsuch as a wall, bed or other equipment. 

In both cases, the solution is simple. On the one hand, clean the ventilation grille. On the other hand, relocating the laptop

Why won't my laptop turn on? - Computer Repair
My laptop won't turn on because it has two fingers of lint on it.

That said, if you've tried these alternatives and still can't get your laptop to turn on, don't fret and bring it in to Computer Repair. We are experts in Laptop Repair and we'll make it as good as new. However, to make sure there are no problems, you can request a free, no-obligation quote to find out what it would cost you. We guarantee that when you pick it up, it will fire up and run like, like... like a cucumber! 

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