Why can't I update my iPhone 7?

Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - How to update iPhone

Why can't I update my iPhone 7 to the new version?

¿Why I can't update my iPhone 7? The question millions of people ask themselves every year when Apple releases a new version of iOS. 

The operating system of Apple is updated and improved every year but not every year is possible switch iPhone. In fact, some people still work with their 2015 iPhone because it works perfectly well. The problem arises when, when trying to update my iPhonethe device does not allow it. It is as simple as reading on until you find the solution. 

Why can't I update my iPhone to the new iOS update?

The first thing to do is to locate the why I can't update my iPhone. There are several reasons that can lead to this error. 

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  • Compatibility - The device may not be compatible with the latest software.
  • Storage - It may happen that your iPhone 7 not have enough space to install the update. 
  • Server - Sometimes it is impossible to connect to the update server. 
  • Process - When the update process cannot be completed, it is legitimate for the user to be angry. 
  • Stand-by - There are times when the download of the update may be delayed and you have to wait. 

Repairing an iPhone/iPad that won't update

Repair an iPhone 7 that is not updated is simpler than it might seem, but it is also very time-consuming. Although with the help of iMyFone Fixppo everything is easier. This tool allows you to fix many iOS problems with the advantage of keeping all your data intact.

Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - How to update iPhone software
Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - Unable to install update
  • Download and install - Once you have downloaded and installed the program, go to the Main Menu and select Standard Repair Mode. 
  • Connection - Connect your iPhone 7 to your computer with a USB cable. 
  • Firmware - Then download the firmware version you are interested in. 
  • Start - Finally, click on Get Started to repairing the mobile phone

Once the cycle is complete, your iPhone 7 will reboot and you'll be upgraded to the latest version. And with the assurance that none of your data has been erased.

Solutions when I can't update my iPhone

Would you rather not install anything and try to repair your iPhone 7 on your own? Here are a few solutions for when you can't upgrade your iPhone 7.

Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - How to update iPhone reboot
Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - Reboot
  • Restarting the iPhone 7 - The old trick of switching the mobile on and off still works. Just hold down the side button on the iPhone 7 until the slide control appears, allowing you to turn it off. Wait 30 seconds and turn it back onPress and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 
  • Manage storage - It can happen that an iOS update can't run because you don't have enough storage space on your iPhone 7. Photos, videos, music, apps and more accumulate space, and some iOS updates can take up several GB. That's why it's time to manage your storage and delete items. To do this, go to 'Adjustments', click on 'General' and go to 'iPhone storageYou can use the 'Delete' button to find out where all the storage on your phone is going and which ones you should delete. 
  • Restart WiFi - Believe it or not, if your WiFi network doesn't connect well with your iPhone 7, it may not allow you to update iOS, because it has a problem transmitting over the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency segment. If the connection isn't good, the update may be interrupted. In this case, tap reboot the router by pressing the Reset button. of the same. Wait 3 minutes to turn it back on and try the iOS update again. 
  • Deactivate restrictions - You may have restrictions enabled on your iPhone 7? Remove them. Go to Adjustments -> General -> Restrictions and enter your Restrictions password. Once inside, click 'Deactivate Restrictionsand, again, you will be asked for the code to validate the process. When you have done this, try to update the system again. 
  • Reset network settings - Your iPhone 7 may have a network settings conflict and you may not even know what we're talking about but you'll have to trust us. Resetting your network settings will reset your WiFi networks and passwords, but also your mobile data settings and previously used VPNs and APNs. To do this, go to Adjustments -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. You will be prompted for your passcode and once you have done so, you will be able to update your iPhone 7. 
  • Manual update - A simple option involves connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cable and open iTunes in its most recent version. Go to 'Summary' and click on 'Search Update'. By clicking on 'Update' should install the latest version of iOS on your iPhone 7. 
Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - How to update iPhone connect
Why can't I update my iPhone 7? - Solutions

If you have tried all the options and you still cannot upgrade your iPhone 7do not hesitate to contact with Computer Repair to fix the problem and leave your iPhone 7 as good as new. 

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