Broken mobile screen? Solutions

What to do if the mobile screen is broken? Repair

What to do in case of an accident with a broken mobile screen?

No matter how careful you are, no matter how much care you take, no matter how much cover you use, no matter how much protector you use, there is always the possibility that the screen of your smartphone will end up shattered after a legendary blow, that is, with the broken mobile screen. It has happened to many people and it will continue to happen and no, it is not the end of the world. However, when it happens to you, you will ask yourself the question: "What is it?Qhat to do with my broken mobile phone screen?

The reality is that several factors influence the decision to be madeIt is therefore advisable to analyse the situation and assess the pros and cons of a possible repair.

No manufacturer's guarantee

What to do if your mobile screen breaks - is it worth it?
Broken Mobile Screen - Not covered by warranty

The first thing you should know is that smartphone manufacturers do not include in the guarantee the price of repairing the screen in case of breakage. The reason is simple and justifiable, as they consider that if the screen has broken, it was because of user fault or their environment. And, things as they are, this is the case in most cases.

It is therefore up to you to decide whether is it worth repairing the screen or not? of your mobile phone.

Repair or new mobile?

What to do if your mobile screen breaks - new mobile?
Broken Mobile Screen - Is it worth repairing?

In the event of a broken screen, there are two possible cases. On the one hand, that the glass breaks but not the screenThis means that you can continue to work with the glass shattered. This is not an advisable option because, in addition to the obvious vision and contact problemsyou can cutting on the fingers with broken glass. On the other hand, if you are breaks both the glass and the screenIf your phone does not respond to the touch of your fingers, your phone will most likely not even respond to the touch of your fingers.

From this point on, you will have to ask yourself a specific question: Do youRepair your phone or buy another one? Everything will depend on the characteristics of your smartphone. From the age of the terminal or the price of the same, to assessing the budget offered for this repair.How much it costs to change the screen of your mobile phone? It's a question to ask, and that brings us to the next point to consider: Do you go to the official technical service or a specialised repairer?

Original spare parts?

What to do if my mobile screen breaks?
Broken Mobile Screen - Official Technical Service: Yes or No?

In general, official technical services are usually more expensive than specialised technical services.. However, the best way to find out is to ask, compare and decide. Now, what you should bear in mind is that the majority of technical services the screen will be replaced without any problemThe advantage of this type of service is that it can be provided in less time, for less money and with the advantage of the proximity that this type of service provides.

Nowadays, the specialisation of any repairer is such that they have little to envy to official technical services. It is the same as with cars and servicing, to give a day-to-day example. The official repair shop is always more expensive than a neighbourhood garage, despite the fact that, on many occasions (more than you might imagine), it is more expensive than the official service shop, the parts are the same.

Something similar happens in the case of mobile phones. Now, as the customer is always right, it is up to the customer to decide the option with which you will feel most comfortable when it comes to changing the screen. Some people prefer to pay a little more, as they feel that an official technical service gives them more confidence and this is absolutely legitimate. But you have to bear in mind that in the official service centres, they erase the content of the phone and leave it with the factory settings. CARE.

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