What is Vishing?

What is Vishing and how to avoid it

What is Vishing?

Accustomed to daily mailings that impersonate telephone, gas, electricity, bank or any other company, many citizens do not pay attention to the fact that they are attention they should pay to telephone calls that millions of people also receive on a daily basis.

What is vishing and how to avoid it? Incoming call
What is Vishing and how to avoid it?

One of these calls may start like this. "Hello, my name is Andrea Martínez, I'm calling from (insert your electricity, gas or bank company here). We have verified that you are paying too high a price on your electricity bill.We would like to offer you a discount to compensate for the tax that the government is forcing us to impose on our customers. We just need you to confirm that it is you (the bill holder) to apply the discount and not pay the tax any more. Confirmation is the key.

What the telephone operator sells you as a confirmation of your identity may end up being a confirmed transfer of personal data by telephone to allow you to switch to another companyalmost without you noticing it.

What is vishing and how to avoid it? Personal and bank details
What is vishing and how to avoid it? Instagram - @finvia_slovakia

What has happened? Basically, that you didn't get a call from your electricity company, nor did they want to verify anything.. You have suffered 'vishingwhich is the telephone version of the 'phising (email or SMS), two cyber-scams that seek to get hold of your data and, therefore, your money.

From the Office of Internet Security (OSI), consider this practice as a scamThe cybercriminal's attack was caused by someone pretending to be a customer service representative of a random company. But how did the cybercriminal get hold of your personal data? Normally, thanks to hacks in companies with which they get hold of personal data such as name, telephone number or address, enough to assault thousands of citizens. Proportionately, there is always someone who bites.

More complicated is the case of impersonating banksbecause they play with the fear of customersThey are told that someone has accessed the account and withdrawn a significant amount of money from it. Taking advantage of the state of nerves and promising to help the client.They get everything they need out of him, including verification of the victim's data.

What is vishing and how to avoid it? Call
What is vishing and how to avoid it? Instagram - @gardenvalley_gvtc

In fact, one of the strategies they use The 'Call ID Spoofing' is used by cyber fraudsters in 'vishing', impersonating the phone who calls to make it sound like the customer service centre of the bank in question. This is in addition to a in-depth knowledge of companies They are either impersonating or playing on the psychology and fear of the client.

How to avoid Vishing?

If in doubt, hang up the phone. This is the best way to avoid vishing. Now, if we need a red flag to be aware of it, all we need is for the other person to ask us to personal data, bank details, invoice information or access codes. Hang up immediately.

Another alternative is to test the operator who is calling you. If they don't give concrete answers, give a lot of answers or are not convincing, don't take the risk. You can even call your company after hanging up to ask if they have called you and explain what happened.

And no, don't get complacent, or think you'll never get your turn.. At the end of the day, your phone number, as well as your email and personal details, are in the hands of more companies than you can imagine. They know everything about you and will use it to try to get your livers out, if possible. Better safe than sorry.

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