What is the Ferrite Core used for?

Ferrite core: What it is, functions and price - Cable

What is the ferrite core for? Why don't they remove it?

You buy a random device, you fit it perfectly into your workspace. It fits great. Now you just plug it in and go. For that you have a small hole you made in the desk and in the wall, to bring the cable to the other side of the room so that it doesn't get in the way, or be seen. But, there is a problem. The damn cylinder that has the cable almost at the end of it.The connector, next to the connector, does not fit through the hole.

You curse the manufacturers, the cylinders and all the saints you know, of which there are not too many. Now, do youever wondered why the cables have such a bulky accessory?Do you think that, in a display of absolute evil, the manufacturer of your device wanted to troll you and laugh at your expense from a distance? It's possible, but you'll never know. It depends on the device you bought. Now, what we can tell you is what that cylinder is, why the cable carries it and the important function it performs

Ferrite core: What it is, functions and price - Usability
Ferrite core - What is it used for?

Later you will apologise to all the Santoral you have made cry. 

What is a ferrite core?

For the time being, we will tell you that this usual accessory which is part of many adapters for charging devices has a name: ferrite core (or ferrite filter). And yes, while it is annoying, it serves a more important function than many people imagine when they see it. 

Ferrite core: What it is, what it does and what it costs - What it's for
Ferrite Core: What it is, functions and price - Electromagnetic Signals

As the name suggests, the ferrite core has a part which is made of ferritea magnetic material that helps to eliminate high-frequency electronic noise commonly found in electronic circuits. 

What is the ferrite core used for?

Indeed, this cylinder is not ornamental, nor is it a sustained joke of the manufacturers. It has a specific and very important function. 

It is as simple as thinking of the cable as a circuit through which electrical energy flows from one point to another. In this case, from the socket to your device. This constant flow of electrical energy can lead to the occurrence of electromagnetic signals that are neutralised by the ferrite coreThis avoids secondary problems. 

And this is not the only task carried out by the ferrite core, because, just like the blocks electromagnetic signals, can become an antenna and can attract radiation from other equipment you have in the environment. Thus, the external electrical current would add to the current already being produced to carry your device, which can cause problems for your device. 

Ferrite core price

A simple accessory such as the ferrite core, not only blocks not only electromagnetic interference, but also radio frequency interference. Both input and output, so that your device does not interfere with other nearby equipment. The ferrite filter, by the way, improves the efficiency of your device. 

Ferrite core: What it is, functions and price
Ferrite core: What it is, functions and price - How much does it cost?

Best of all, this ferrite core is a very inexpensive item. If it's not already attached to your charging cable, you can buy it independently and adapt it in a simple way. At Amazonfor example, on ferrite core price is below one euro

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