What is liquid cooling?

What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? - How does it work?

Everything you need to know about Liquid Cooling

¿What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? Asking this question implies one of two cases, or both. On the one hand, an above-average knowledge of your computer's components. On the other hand, an above-average awareness of how to take care of your computer. Investing in improving your computer with all the elements you can will always be in your best interest. That said, we will tell you what is the liquid cooling and which one to choose. 

What is liquid cooling?

Although the name suggests it, it is important to make clear what is this component. Basically, it is a device that reduces the heat of the equipment and its components through coolant. 

The advantages of liquid The explanation for this over the usual air cooling is that the liquid used conducts heat better than air. In fact, high-performance equipment almost always carries this alternative.The components generate much more heat than usual.

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Types of liquid cooling

Before you buy your new component, you should know that there is two types of liquid cooling and it is important to know how to distinguish between them.

What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? - Corsair
What is liquid cooling and types of liquid cooling
  • All-In-One Liquid Cooling Kit - These are kits usually used to cool the processor, which come already prepared and almost assembled to make installation easier. They significantly improve performance compared to heatsinks (fans).
  • Custom Liquid Cooling - In this case, it is the user who assembles the entire component, which is usually used to cool the graphics card in addition to the processor. Of course, this type of component is quite complicated to assemble, and can even cause problems in other components if we do not have previous knowledge. If this is your case, don't hesitate to bring your Custom Liquid Cooling at Computer Repair Services so that we can install it for you without any risk, professionally and at the best price. 

On the other hand, liquid coolers can be single, double, triple or quadruple liquid cooled.depending on the number of fans in the radiator. Obviously, the more fans, the more cooling capacity and the higher the price. 

How liquid cooling works

Do you know how liquid cooling works? As simple as having a closed circuit through which, by means of a pump, the coolant circulatesas it passes through the aforementioned components. Note that the liquid does not pass through the inside of the processor or the graphics card, but through areas specifically designed to be cooled in order to have the best possible impact on the whole assembly. 

What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? - Prices and Types
Advantages of liquid cooling

In order to keep the coolant cool, the system has a radiator to which fans apply a continuous flow of air that takes the coolant through a permanent path. These fans range from 120 to 140 mm

Advantages of liquid cooling

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of liquid cooling passes through its increased capacity to cool componentscompared to the fans. In addition, by removing these fans and replacing them with tubes, noise reduction is considerablereducing it to near-silence. This advantage is one of the most notable. 

Now, by far the coolest advantage of liquid cooling is the aesthetic leap your computer will take with it. And that's because having colourful tubes with constantly moving liquid inside your computer is another level.

The best liquid coolers

Now that you know all about this component, it's time to choose which one to buy. So that you don't have any doubts, we have compiled the best liquid coolers on the market

Corsair iCUE h100i RGB Pro XT

Corsair is a benchmark for equipment customisation and its liquid cooling, a state-of-the-art craze. The Corsair iCue h100i RGB Pro XT liquid cooler has an RGB pump head that is so quiet that it is surprisingly efficient. It allows you to control the speed of the fans, even stopping them when the temperature is low, helping to save energy. 

What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? - Corsair iCue h100i
Corsair iCue iCue h100i RGB Pro XT

The price of the Corsair iCue h100i RGB Pro XT is 134,90 Euro

NZXT Kraken 120

The NZXT Kraken 120 liquid cooled is an aesthetic folly. It has lighting modes, noise levels are negligible and its efficiency is absolute. In addition, it has nylon covers that serve to reinforce the rubber tubes that serve as a complementary protection element. 

What is liquid cooling and which one to choose? - Kraken
NZXT Kraken 120

The price of the NZXT Kraken 120 is 79,99 euros

You don't dare to install it? Don't worry. Get in touch with Computer Repair and we will install it for you without any problem. 

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