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We are Your Celeritas Computer Repair Point

What is a Celeritas point of convenience in Madrid?

Celeritas is a courier and parcel delivery company offering various parcel delivery services. A Celeritas Point Convenience store is a shop or establishment associated with the company that acts as a collection and delivery point for Celeritas customers. These convenience points are generally located in strategic and accessible locations, such as grocery shops, stationers, tobacconists, gas stations, among others, and are available for use during their opening hours.

The points of convenience of Celeritas provide a convenient alternative for those customers who cannot be at home to receive parcels or prefer not to provide a personal address for delivery. Instead, they can choose the point of convenience closest to their location and pick up the package in person at their convenience.

What service do we offer as a Celeritas point of convenience?

We are a Celeritas Point convenience for the collection and delivery of parcels, which means that we are able to receive parcels from Celeritas for storage and then delivery to our customers, in our workshop-warehouse at Computer Repair in district of Hortaleza, in Madrid. In addition to handling the returns of Amazon

When Celeritas will notify you by email or SMS that your parcel is in our warehouse.  Celeritas Computer RepairThe delivery time will mean that the courier has deposited your shipment at our facilities and it will be ready for you to pick it up (The delivery time is usually 10/15 days, check the Celeritas e-mail for more information). 

We are Your Celeritas Computer Repair Point
We are Your Celeritas Computer Repair Point

To be Celeritas point of convenience allows us to make ourselves known locally in the district of Hortaleza, generate more user traffic to our workshop, build customer loyalty and increase our visibility on the web.

Hand in your Amazon Returns at Reparar Ordenadores Madrid

Have you bought something for Amazon and you have to return it? As simple as managing the return in the Amazon application. Choose to have your parcel delivered to a Celeritas Convenience Point and bring it to us for management. It is free of charge in most cases for you. 

Once Amazon validate your return, you will be emailed a barcode so that we can validate it in our Punto Celeritas Computer Repair your return, and thus, within a short period of time Amazon your money back. You can find us at Calle Tordomar Local 5, in the 28043 postcode of Hortaleza, in Madrid. Very close to the metro Mar de Cristal and Canillas. 

The Amazon code is valid from 2h onwards. even if it says 30 minutes, it usually doesn't work until at least one hour, but for more security and not having to wait, it's better to bring the package after 2h. 

Normally these codes are valid for 14 days, even so, in the return confirmation email, you will receive all the details. Be aware of the information, before you make a mess and the return is not possible. 

Somos Tu Punto Celeritas Computer Repair - Amazon
Somos Tu Punto Celeritas Computer Repair - Amazon

Who works with Celeritas?

There are many companies that trust and work with Celeritas. They use their services to deliver orders to their customers, and also process their returns. They are as well known as:

We are Punto Celeritas Service Point in Hortaleza, Madrid

Computer Repair is a Celeritas Point in Hortaleza. We are a business that provides a wide range of services for its customers. Here are the three main services available:

Celeritas parcel reception

One of the main services of Celeritas Hortaleza Point is Celeritas parcel reception. This option is ideal for those customers who cannot receive parcels at home or prefer to pick up their parcels at a location close to their location.

Customers can send their orders to the pick-up point address and receive an email or text message notification when their parcel is ready for collection. The parcel pick-up service is available through Celeritas and has a high success rate for parcel delivery.

Amazon Returns Management

Celeritas Hortaleza Point is a convenient location for customers who wish to make Amazon returns. Customers can choose to take their returns to the address of the collection point.

Then, the staff of Computer Repair from Celeritas Hortaleza Point will arrange for the package to be received by Amazon. It is an easy and efficient option for customers who cannot print the Amazon return label at home.

Technical repair of electronic devices in Mar de Cristal, Madrid

The Hortaleza Celeritas pointis an electronic device repair shop specialising in the repair of electronic devices. repair iPhones, Fixing iPads and in MacBook repair. The business is staffed by trained and experienced personnel who can perform a wide range of repairs on these electronic devices.

The repair service for electronic devices can help customers save money and time instead of buying a new device. In addition, the business offers a warranty service for repairs carried out in the workshop.

Somos Tu Punto Celeritas Computer Repair - Hortaleza
Somos Tu Punto Celeritas Computer Repair - Hortaleza

Collection points in Hortaleza, Madrid

Selection of collection points

The Hortaleza area of Madrid has six Celeritas collection points for the convenience of customers who need to pick up their parcels. There are also more than 700 Celeritas collection points available in Madrid, providing a wide range of options for those looking for a location near them to pick up their parcel. To choose the best place to pick up your parcel, it is recommended to check the opening hours of the different points, as well as the proximity to your location and the shipping and insurance costs. It is also suggested to read reviews from other users to learn about their experience at each pick-up point.

Contact information and location

Each of the six collection points in Hortaleza has its address and telephone number available on the Celeritas website. In addition, the company provides an interactive online map to help customers find the exact location of each pick-up point. The contact email address is also provided for any queries or problems.

Delivery services of different companies

The Celeritas collection points in Hortaleza and Madrid also offer delivery services from different companies, such as Zara, El Corte Inglés and Kiabi. This provides a convenient solution for customers who need to make deliveries and returns to these companies while picking up or sending their parcels through Celeritas.

Tips for a successful Celeritas collection

To ensure that your collection experience at Punto Celeritas Hortaleza is as comfortable and successful as possible, we recommend you follow these tips:

Review opening hours

Before going to any of the collection points in Hortaleza and Madrid, it is important that you check the opening hours of the establishment where you plan to pick up your package. These opening hours may vary depending on the day of the week, so it is important to take this information into account to avoid unnecessary journeys and to make sure that the collection point is open at the time you go there.

Check shipping and insurance costs

It is important to check shipping and insurance costs, especially if you are shipping valuable or fragile items. Make sure you know the price of the transport service and whether insurance is included or if you need to purchase it separately to protect your package. It is also important to check if there are any promotions or offers that may be of interest to you.

Read reviews from other users and take into account the proximity to the customer's location.

Another important aspect is to read reviews from other users about the collection point where you plan to pick up your parcel. Other people's opinions can give you an idea of what the service is like at that establishment and whether they have had problems or have been satisfied with their experience. Also, consider the proximity to your location to make it more convenient for you to travel to your chosen pick-up point.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure a successful and convenient collection at Punto Celeritas Hortaleza. Remember to check opening hours, check delivery and insurance costs and read reviews from other users to choose the collection point that best suits your needs.

Punto Celeritas Amazon: how to make your returns in Spain with this shipping company

Celeritas is a transport company that works with Amazon to handle returns in Spain. By selecting the Celeritas option in Amazon's Online Returns Centre, you will be able to print a return label and deliver the package in a Celeritas collection point. This option offers speed and agility in returns, and has an extensive convenience point network throughout the country. In addition, Celeritas offers many delivery options and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

How to make returns on Amazon UK

The returns at Amazon UK are very simple to do, with several methods available to meet the needs of each customer. The returns process with Celeritas is especially useful for those looking for speed and agility in returning their products. The following are the return options at Amazon, the return process with Celeritas and how to print and attach the return label.

Return options on Amazon

There are a number of return options available from Amazon UK, including:

  • Return via Amazon's online returns centre.
  • Return to an Amazon physical shop.
  • Return via a transport company such as Celeritas.

Return process with Celeritas

To make a return with Celeritasthe customer must follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Amazon Online Returns Centre.
  2. Select the option "refund through Celeritas".
  3. Print and paste the return label provided.
  4. Deliver the package in a Celeritas collection point.

Print and paste the return label

When the option of refund through CeleritasA return label is provided which must be printed and affixed to the package. It is important to ensure that the label is printed in full size and neatly to ensure its correct operation in the return process. The label also has an expiry dateIt must therefore be printed and used before that date.

Celeritas collection points for Amazon

The Celeritas collection points for Amazon are located throughout Spain, offering a wide coverage to Amazon customers. These collection points, also known as Celeritas Points of Convenienceare places specially set aside for the Celeritas parcel collection and delivery and other companies that work with them, such as Amazon.

Where are the Celeritas collection points in Spain?

The Celeritas collection points are located in different types of establishments, such as food shops, tobacconists, newsagents, stationers, among others. Some of these collection points also offer additional services such as repair and spare parts for electronic devices.

In order to know the Celeritas collection points available in a particular area, you can use the search engine available on your website. Simply enter your town or postcode in the search engine and the nearest Celeritas collection points and their opening hours will be displayed.

What services do the Celeritas collection points offer?

The Celeritas collection points offer a wide variety of services for the convenience of Amazon customers and other companies that work with them. In addition to package pick-up and delivery, some Celeritas Convenience Outlets offer repair services and spare parts for electronic devicesWe offer national and international parcel delivery services, office supplies and stationery, among others.

How to locate a Celeritas collection point for Amazon?

To locate a Celeritas point for Amazon pickupscan be used, you can use the search engine available on your website or through the Amazon platform. By selecting the Celeritas return option in the Amazon Online Returns Centre, the Celeritas collection points closest to the customer's place of residence will be displayed and the customer can choose the one that best suits their needs. Once chosen, the return label can be printed and attached to the package.

Information about Celeritas as a transport company for Amazon

Celeritas is a leading transport and logistics company in Spain, offering parcel delivery and returns management services. Amazon trusted Celeritas as one of its main logistics solution providers due to its long and successful track record in the e-commerce sector and its ability to provide efficiency and quality in shipments.

What is Celeritas?

Celeritas is a Spanish transport and logistics company specialised in offering shipping solutions through different means; from home delivery to collection points in shops and authorised establishments. The company also handles returns management and offers additional services such as shipment tracking and electronic device repair and refurbishment.

Why does Amazon offer Celeritas as a shipping and return option?

Amazon has benefited greatly from the logistics and transport solutions that Celeritas offers. Thanks to its ability to offer fast and accurate services, Celeritas has become an excellent choice for the shipping and returns handling of Amazon's packages. In addition, the Celeritas' extensive network of collection points nationwide gives Amazon customers access to a wide variety of shipping options and the ability to receive their orders in a timely manner.

What does Celeritas offer its customers?

Delivery services through different channels

Celeritas offers a wide range of delivery options, including the possibility of home delivery or pick-up at a nearby convenience point. It also offers special services such as the possibility of scheduling delivery according to the customer's needs or the option of delivery during specific time slots.

Efficient returns management

In addition to delivery services, Celeritas also offers efficient solutions for the management of parcel returns.. Amazon customers can make their returns through the Amazon Online Returns Centre and select the Celeritas return option. They can then print and attach the return label and locate a Celeritas collection point for delivery of the package.

Extensive network of collection points

Celeritas has an extensive network of pick-up convenience points throughout the country, both in shops and shopping centres and at petrol stations and other establishments. This network allows Amazon customers to receive their parcels at the point that suits them best and to make their returns conveniently and efficiently.

Shipment tracking and personalised customer service

Celeritas also offers shipment tracking services and personalised customer service solutions to make the entire parcel delivery and return experience as seamless and satisfactory as possible. Amazon customers can always know the status of their packages and can count on smooth and efficient communication with Celeritas staff.

Advantages of using Celeritas Points for returns with Amazon

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to make your returns on AmazonCeleritas is an excellent choice. With their extensive network of collection points and delivery options, they offer you the following advantages:

Agility and speed in deliveries and returns.

  • Celeritas is characterised by its speed and agility in managing deliveries and returns. In addition, its online tracking service is very useful to know the status of your package at all times.
  • Thanks to its advanced technology and experience in the sector, Celeritas has managed to offer one of the best shipping and return options in the market.

Variety of shipping options for parcels

  • Celeritas offers a wide variety of shipping options for your parcels, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • With express, standard, express and eco delivery options, you can select the one that suits you best according to the characteristics of your package.

High rate of customer satisfaction

  • Celeritas has a high satisfaction rate from Amazon customers, which makes this company one of the most reliable and recommendable for your shipments and returns.
  • Their customer services are excellent, responding quickly to any questions or problems you may have.

News on Celeritas services for Amazon

Celeritas has implemented several new features in its transport and logistics services to improve the Amazon customer experience. The most recent developments are detailed below:

Expansion of the Celeritas convenience point network

  • Celeritas has expanded its network of convenience points.including shops close to Amazon customers' homes.
  • The convenience outlets offer a wide range of pick-up times, allowing customers greater flexibility.
  • Celeritas has improved its parcel tracking system, allowing customers to know more accurately the status of their order at all times.

Improvements to Amazon's online return services

  • Celeritas has enhanced Amazon's online returns platform to streamline the order return process.
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use for customers, allowing them to make returns quickly and easily.
  • In addition, the processing time for returns has been reduced, allowing customers to receive a refund in less time.

New shipping options with Celeritas for Amazon customers

  • Celeritas has added new shipping options for Amazon customers, such as same day delivery and weekend delivery.
  • In addition, Celeritas has improved the quality of its delivery service, ensuring a high satisfaction rate for all deliveries.
  • These new shipping options are available to all Amazon customers and can be selected at checkout.

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