Tips to make your computer run better

Tips to make your computer run better

Get your computer to run better, run faster

The tricks to make your computer run betterIn addition to improving the performance of your equipment, they prove that a computer does not lose efficiency so much because of the years, as because of erratic maintenance. By applying a few simple tips, the useful life of your computer will be prolonged for years. Don't you know about these tricks to make your computer run better? Take note. 

Clean hard disk

We start with a basic one such as keeping the hard disk clean. As time goes by, the files, videos, downloads, audios and so on that you receive are countless. In fact, there will come a time when your hard drive is overloaded and it affects the speed of your computer. 

Tips to make your computer run better - Cleaning your computer
Tips to make your computer run better - Clean the hard drive

How to solve it? As simple as delete expendable files and, the rest, save them on an external storage unit (USB, Cloud, external hard disk). It is very useful defragmenting the hard disk so that files are stored in consecutive memory locations and make a '.Check Disk' (chkdsk) to check for bad sectors and try to recover them. 

Deleting programmes

How muchs applications and programmes you have installed but have never used in your life? Quite a few, right? And what's the point of having them there? Basically, they take up space, resources and slow down your computer significantly. 

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How to solve it? As simple as uninstall them, delete them and, if you need them, you will have time to download them.. Now, as long as it is not necessary, by eliminating them, you will prevent them from consuming more and more necessary resources. 

Register cleaning

If you have never heard of the Space Liberator disk space in Windowsyou have a problem. Programs, when used, store data on the hard disk which, once the program is closed, accumulates and accumulates with each use. This results in a lot of wasted space and slower performance. 

Tips to make your computer run better - Disk Cleanup
Tips to make your computer run more smoothly - Clean the registry

How to solve it? As simple as using the aforementioned Disk space saver in Windows or, in the case of Apple, you can turn to applications such as CCleanerIt does all the work for you at the touch of a button.  

Upgrade the equipment

Yes, the operating system, software and application updates are tedious, constant and sometimes paralyse the work you are doing. And yet, they are necessary. These updates not only improve your computer's performance, but also provide added security against potential new threats. In addition, updates sometimes prevent unexpected incompatibilities. 

How to solve it? As simple as execute the updates proposed by your equipment. A good way to avoid wasting a lot of work time is to let these updates take place automatically, at times when you are not using your computer. 

Start-up programmes

If your computer takes longer than usual to boot up and your RAM memory fills up without running anything, you may have many programmes that are loaded from Startwhich are opened when the computer starts up. Obviously, the more programs and applications, the longer the start-up time. 

Tips to make your computer run better - SSD Hard Disk Drive
Tips to make your computer run better - Start Programmes

How to solve it? As simple as restrict those programmes and applications so that, instead of opening when you start the computerYou have to do it yourself by hand. You will see that the equipment starts up much lighter and, once it is running, you can open whatever you need. 

Take advantage of the SSD hard disk

The majority of equipment today has a SSD hard disk which, among other advantages, do not have moving components, but instead use the non-volatile NAND Flash memory that are faster, safer and more resilient, as access to information is instantaneous. So not only will your computer boot up much faster, but searches will be more efficient and programs and applications will run faster. 

How to solve it? As simple as install the operating system, programs and applications on the SSD driveThe space for the files is left over, but you will usually have plenty of space. 

Reinstall the Operating System

If your equipment is running on pedals, you've tried all of the tricks to make your computer run better we have given you and you don't see a solution, the alternative is to reinstall the operating system

Tips to make your computer run better - Home
Tips to make your computer run better - Operating System

How to fix it? As simple as making a backup copy of everything you have on your computer and performing a complete reinstallation, making sure you have the necessary elements to do so. If this is not the case, or if you prefer to have it done by a professional, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Computer Repair Service. We will leave it nickel-plated and we will make your computer go bettermuch better. 

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