The (serious) problems with the iPhone 15

The (serious) problems with the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 problems (and solutions)

The iPhone 15 problems are surprising both friends and strangers. For being serious, for being multiple and, above all, for the fact that it is a smartphone whose entry-level model (iPhone 15) is close to the 1,000 euros

But what is really worrying is that Apple has not verified that his brand new mobile phone was going to be such a headache. 

If you have one, this is of interest to you. We review the problems of the iPhone 15 and possible solutions. However, if your problem persists, please do not hesitate to visit your nearest Apple Store or an Apple Retail Store. authorised repair service

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iPhone 15 problems: Speakers

One of the latest iPhone 15 problems to be reported has been in the iPhone's speakers. According to customers who have complained, the problem comes when, at a certain level of volume, there appears to be a crackle. Yes, a creak, like the creak of your knees when you wake up from a nap. 

Most of them are users of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro MaxThe issue is even more worrying as the models are higher-end models. They point out that the sound sounds distortedand even a kind of internal popping. These sound problems occur both in calls, when the volume is turned up to maximum, and in certain videos of Youtube.

The problems of the iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Problems - Speakers

This error appears to be due to a bug in the softwareThis was already the case when the iPad Pro 3rd Generation. Obviously, the problem should be fixed. If time goes by and your iPhone 15 is still having sound problems, bring it to Computer Repair and we give you non-binding quotation.

iPhone 15 Problems: Overheating

But before the loudspeakers, the brand-new iPhone 15 already started to give overheating problems, like a pre-pubescent at the time of transition to adolescence. It happened when some users opened certain applications such as Facebook, TikTok o YoutubeThe devices were going to be more than 50 degrees temperature. It's not surprising that some customers are burnt out, and not just because they hold the iPhone 15 to their ears.

The iPhone 15's (serious) problems - Overheating
iPhone 15 Problems - Temperature

However, Apple has recognised its mistake and has already made amends with an update to its operating system. Thus, Apple has recognised its mistake and has already corrected it with an update to its operating system, iOS 17.0.3 would provide a solution to these temperature problems in your devices. If yours is still getting hotter than the iron on a fairground stall, don't hesitate to contact our technical service to keep an eye on it and see what happens.

iPhone 15 Problems: Battery

And finally, the battery which should be the longest-lasting in the history of the iPhonelasts much shorter than expected. In this case, Apple has pointed to a number of applications as the cause of this excessive consumption, among them Instagram o Facebook. If you have noticed that the iPhone 15 battery It lasts less than a bun in a grandmother's house with 7 grandchildren, you can follow these tips.

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  • When you finish using applications such as Twitter, Instagram, Uber o FacebookClose them so that they do not consume in the background.
  • Go to Adjustments > Battery and check your battery details. Under the option 'Last 24 hoursYou can see which applications are draining your battery and check that you close them every time you finish using them. 
  • The 'Low Power Modeis another alternative that will limit certain iPhone 15 functions such as mail retrieval or background updates.
  • Automatic blocking‘, ‘Brightness Automatic' y 'Deactivate Screen Encendidaare also recommended to save battery life while this consumption problem is being solved. As soon as you do this, you will notice that your battery lasts longer. 

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