Shipping costs

Shipping costs of our products and services


      • FREE - Pick up at the workshop: 0€
      • Sending MRW: +10€ (Peninsula Spain or Portugal) (24h working days)
      • MRW delivery: +12€ (Balearic Islands) (24/48 working hours)

    Technical Service (SAT): Laptops, SmartPhone and Tablets

        • FREE - Delivery in Workshop: 0€
        • Collection and Return: +20€ MRW (Spain or Portugal Peninsular)
        • Collection and Return: +25€ MRW (Balearic Islands)

      Urgent Services

          • Urgent in Workshop (1h): +10€ iPhone Screen and/or Battery (By appointment). Consult


            • Prices Shipping costs incl. VAT.
            • Pack the device to be shipped securely to avoid possible damage during transport. 
            • Indicative delivery times. The aim of Computer Repair is to ensure the best possible service for all our customers but we rely on external couriers provided by MRW.

          MRW shipping costs

          Shipping costs

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