Replace MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard

Replace MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard

The keyboard on my MacBook Air A1369/A1466 has crashed.

A chore: it's your turn replace keyboard MacBook Air A1369/A1466. There were two things that have failed you in your whole life: your mother and your laptop. As fate would have it, they both went to mess you up at the same time. On the one hand, your laptop, because some of the keys have suddenly stopped working. 

On the other hand, your mother has confessed to you that your sister was always her favourite. Deep down you already knew it but you never wanted to admit it. We can't help you there. They say that time heals everything, even a mother's preferences, and your case will be no different. But you will have to wait a few years and make a couple of visits to the psychologist. 

Now, if you like, we can take a look at the options you have for fix the keyboard on your MacBook Air and cost you an arm and a leg, both plus a kidney or a reasonable price, with your involvement in the process.

What happened to my MacBook Air A1369/A1466?

Let's start with the basics, and try not to cry: ¿What happened to your laptopWhy does the keyboard suddenly not work? As with everything in life, there are many reasons, but these are the most common ones.

  • Keys - From one day to the next, several keys go wrong. You go from being called Francisco to being 'F*anc*sco' and your brother goes from going on a route to going on a '*uta'. Not cool.
  • Does not start - You press the button to turn on your Mac and it doesn't work. You panic. That's logical. It could be that the power button is damaged, as it's built into the keyboard, and if it breaks, we've screwed up, Auntie Paca.
  • Hulk-like pulsing - The smoothness with which your fingers used to glide over the keys of the MacBook Air has given way to a keystroke that in many countries would be considered mistreatment. There are Marvel movies with less punching than you would do to send an email. It's not worth it. Or it is, if only as a way to release stress, but not to use it.

What could have happened to bring us to this point? Since I have fallen liquid on (always with coffee at the computer), or the keyboard has been worn out by the passage of timeas it happens to humans. In fact, the MacBook Air doesn't complain, so minipoint for them.

It can also happen that your keyboard has so much filth accumulated under the keysYou need a construction sack to pour it all out. Obviously, the logical thing is that it will stop and you won't be able to write well. 

Replace MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard - Price
How much does it cost to replace the MacBook Air A1369/A1466 keyboard?

How much does it cost to repair MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard?

Shop around, compare, and if you find something better, take it. When it comes to fixing your MacBook keyboard, you have two options: Apple Support or professional service

At the official Apple Store you know what's what. It's as easy as calling, asking for a price and making a decision. 

At Computer RepairThe same thing. All you have to do is request a free, no-obligation quote If you live hundreds of kilometres away from our shop? No problem, we'll send a courier to collect your MacBook Air and brings it to you once it's repaired. Good, isn't it? 

Change Keyboard MacBook Air A1369/A1466 - Causes
MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard Replacement Tips and Tools

What do I need to fix the MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard?

Before jumping into the pool of the repair world, you need to prepare yourself. And by prepare, we don't mean take a shot or do 10 push-ups to loosen your nerves, but to have everything you need to be ready for the job. what you need for the fix. 

  • New keyboard - If you're replacing the keyboard on your MacBook Air A1369/A1466, you need to have the spare part relevant. 
  • Tools - In order to work comfortably, it is advisable to have the tools adequate. They are not worth too much and are worth having. 
  • Patience - It seems obvious but it's not. Our video tutorial, apart from being very cool and looking like it was made by Pixar, lasts more than half an hour. There must be a reason for that. It's not a complicated operation but it does need to be done with patience, caution and extreme care, so don't be in a hurry. 
That said, if at any point during the repair you break down and are unwilling or unable to continue, don't worry. Get in touch with contact with us and we will arrange it for you without any problems. 

Change MacBook Air A1369/A1466 Keyboard step-by-step

If you are going to choose to fix the keyboard yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind considerations

  • Mechanism - First of all, do not compromise the mechanism under each key. If you break it, the problem is compounded. 
  • Placement - It is also important that all keys are correctly positioned. If you leave just one key incorrectly positioned, you will have limited use of that letter. And it is bound to happen with one that you use a lot. 

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