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Change iPhone 8 battery

Change iPhone 8 battery

Change iPhone 8 battery: What to do?

I have to replace iPhone 8 battery And I have to do it urgently. The reason? It used to arrive at the end of the day and now it doesn't even arrive for lunch. As soon as my brother-in-law calls me to tell me that he has been to Valencia and back in two hours, my battery runs out. And if they send me a video to the WhatsApp group of the locals or Real Madrid plays and they send the usual 500 messages, the battery flies. 

Here's what you can do to solve this problem. 

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Reasons to replace iPhone 8 battery

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus batteries are 1,821 mAh and 2,675 mAh, respectively. Now, as time goes by, usage and, obviously, these batteries become less efficient. 

With daily use, you will notice for yourself when the battery begins to lower their performanceYou will notice that it arrives at the end of the day in agony or not at all. 

iPhone 8 Battery Health

To check the status of your battery, you have an alternative way to check the state of degradation of your battery. 

  • Settings -> Battery -> Battery health

If the result displayed is below 80%, you have a problem: your battery is dying

Change iPhone 8 Battery Price
Change iPhone 8 Battery - Battery Health

iPhone 8 Charging Cycles

If you want a second opinion, don't try to call Tim Cook who will be doing his multi-millionaire thing. What's more, you don't need to go any further than your mobile phone, as you can check the charge cycles. 

For replace iPhone 8 batteryHow can you check how many you are carrying? 

  • Adjustments -> Privacy -> Analysis and Improvements -> Analysis Data

When extracting that document, you must search for the term '.batterycyclecountwhich will give you the number of charge cycles you have been on. 

iPhone 8 battery replacement options

When replacing the your mobile phone batteryyou have two options: have it replaced or replace it yourself

In the first case, you can either take it to an official Apple service centre or you can take it to an authorised service centre such as Computer Repair. Like everything else, it is a matter of comparing and deciding. As easy as request a free, no-obligation quote.

The other alternative is to fix your iPhone 8 battery yourself. Don't know where to start? No problem, we'll tell you how to change iPhone 8 battery step by step

Change iPhone 8 battery
Change iPhone 8 battery - How to do it

Change iPhone 8 battery step by step

We could tell you, in 30-40 'simple steps', But we think it's even better to show you how to do it in a video, much more accurate and convenient. 

You see, the iPhone 8 in the tutorial is at 76% Battery Healthenough for you to notice a tremendous drop in the amount of time your mobile phone is active. 

But before you start fixing your iPhone 8, you're going to need two things: one new iPhone 8 battery and with a tool kit right. From there, press play and start your episode of 'The 'I'm a man'!Art Attack', Apple version. 

And what happens if you mess up, if you are paralysed by fear in the middle of the process or if you collapse before you even start? That's all right. Call us and we'll help you. Just get in touch with us, we'll change your battery and if you've made a small mistake, we'll fix that too. They call us the 'Mr Wolf' of reparation

First charge after iPhone 8 battery replacement

Once you have replaced the iPhone 8 batteryIn any case, it is advisable to charge the battery fully and, once it is at 100%, leave it charging for 2-3 hours more. 

When you use it again for the first time, you should take your iPhone 8 to drain its battery and return to load it to the maximum. This will help calibrate the battery, both top and bottom. And from there, enjoy your iPhone 8. 

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