Repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6

How to Repair Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Reset Connections

My iPhone's Bluetooth does not work

You've been looking after your iPhone 6 like one of the family but suddenly, the Bluetooth does not workIs this a problem? Obviously, it is, because a smartphone without Bluetooth these days is like a smartphone without a battery. So, here's what we're going to tell you how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6

Check your iPhone settings

Before you worry about how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6The first thing to do is to check the obvious. To begin with, check your iPhone settings and verifies why the Bluetooth does not workWhat are these settings? All those linked to connections, which we will tell you about below. 

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Reset your iPhone connection

There are occasions when the Bluetooth does not work because it doesn't finish the connection and keeps trying to make the connection. That is to say, not only does it not connect to Bluetooth, but it keeps it collapsed with each failed attempt in a loop and prevents you from being able to connect other devices. 

How to Repair Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Repair Computers
Repairing the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Checking the Settings

How to solve it? Reset the connection. To do so, you must turn 'Bluetooth' off and on but from the iPhone 6 'Control Centre'.so that there are no problems. Just go to 'Adjustments', click on 'Bluetooth' y deactivate the first option that appears and then immediately go back to turn it on. If it works, remember that minutes earlier you were thinking about how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 and the money it was going to cost you and it turns out that everything was simpler than expected. 

You can also reset the connection turning the iPhone 6 off and on or turning 'Airplane Mode' on and then back on again. Whichever one gives you the most anger because they all work. 

Reset iPhone networks

Another alternative if the Bluetooth does not work is re-establishing networks and the connectivity settings of your iPhone 6. That is, format them as if they came from the factory, without having to do it with the whole mobile phone. For re-establishing networks you can do it in this simple way. 

How to Repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6
Repairing Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Resetting Networks
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • At the bottom you will find the option Reset
  • Click on 'Reset Network Settings

The only downside to resetting connectivity settings is that you will lose your saved and stored Internet networks. You'll have to re-save them, as well as pair devices connected to the iPhone 6 via Bluetooth. It's a lesser evil, much less evil than looking for how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6.

Other Bluetooth troubleshooting solutions

If you have re-established networks and connection and the Bluetooth does not work other options have yet to be considered, for example, that the problem is with the device. We are talking about an iPhone 6, with a few kilometres on its back and, things being what they are, at some point it must start to fail. This is not to say that there is no solution. 

Restart the iPhone

A classic like that of reset iPhone 6 could not be missing if the Bluetooth does not work. In fact, resetting the iPhone is what every user should do in the first instance in the event of a failure. The chances of success are overwhelming. 

How to Repair Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Format iPhone
Repair Bluetooth on iPhone 6 - Turn off and on

However, in this case, restarting the iPhone makes a lot of sense, as some internal processes running in the background can crash the device, affecting the Bluetooth connection and other elements. What's more, it is recommended that the iPhone be turned off once or twice a month to avoid faults like this one. So, if your mobile phone fails, don't think about how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 before restarting it. 

Formatting the iPhone

And if it should happen that the Bluetooth does not workthe last option you can try is formatting the iPhone. Yes, we are talking about deleting the software completely, leaving it clean and reinstalling it, safe in the knowledge that the error has disappeared. In fact, if you go to this extreme, it is advisable to do a clean reinstall and thus avoid restoring copies with possible failures. If you're going to format, do it right, right?

How to Repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Repair Price
Repairing the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 - Formatting is gerundio

Obviously, this involves installing all your applications, again, one by one. And yes, it's a tedious job that not everyone is willing to do. If this is your case, don't worry, there is one last way available, which, yes, means that in the how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 let's go in. 

If you still have the problem, please contact us.

When you want to repair an iPhoneThe fear of the price you may be charged is obvious. For this reason, if you go to Repair iPhone 6it always helps to have a free, no-obligation quote and that is what we offer you at Computer Repairs, in addition to the guarantee of knowing how to repair the Bluetooth on an iPhone 6 and return it to you in the best conditions because if all the above did not work, the problem lies in the motherboard, in the chip that controls the Bluetooth. This is a very delicate fault that must be solved by an electronic technician in the laboratory. That is to say, Repair the motherboard of your iPhone 6

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