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Repair Mac Mini

Repair Mac Mini

My Mac Mini is not working and I am afraid

You just googled 'Repair Mac Miniand you have arrived here. Five minutes ago, you were quietly working on your computer and it just stopped working. You are scared and, things being what they are, it is logical, but we are here to help you, to reassure you and, while we're at it, to fix your computer or help you to restore it yourself. 

How much will it cost to fix my Mac Mini?

As the old ad of yesteryear used to say: "Shop around, compare, and if you find something better, buy it". If you don't understand this reference, you are insultingly young. If you have caught it, know that you are not alone. 

The reality is that you have two simple options for fix your Mac Mini: the official Apple service centre or an authorised repairer. 

  • Step 1 - Put yourself in contact with us. You can do it via email, phone, WhatsApp or in person, if you want to see how nice we are in person. 
  • Step 2 - Ask us free, no-obligation quote. This way, you'll know in advance how much the joke will cost you, with no surprises or surprises at the end. 
There is step 3 which is not as simple as these first two but involves rolling up your sleeves: fix it on your own. If you want to use this third way, here's how to do it Repair Mac Mini step-by-stepwith a wonderful tutorial. 
Repair Mac Mini
Even if it looks good on the outside, it may be a wreck on the inside.

What's wrong with my Mac Mini?

Generally, when a Mac Mini stops workingis that thehe hard disk is failing. It should be replaced. 

In such a case, in addition to someone to guide you through the repair, you will need a new hard disk y tools specific to the operation. Obviously, you don't want to play doctor and face a stomach operation with a spoon and fork, do you? Well, this is the same thing but without putting anyone's life at risk. 

Repair Mac Mini step-by-step

If you notice, the video tutorial of how to fix your Mac Mini lasts 30 minutes. And we're talking about a professional who has had more computers fixed than Froilán parties. 

We say this because, if you are going to do it on your own, you need to be patient, go slowly and don't want to run too fast. If you're here, you're clearly not an expert, so don't freak out and take it one step at a time. And if at any point you get stumped, don't get fat or throw the Mac Mini out the window, or curse the Steve JobsJust give us a call and we'll help you, that's what we're here for. 

Tutorial to change the disc on my little Mac friend

Establishing the hard disk replacement in steps, we can confirm that this repair will take you between 30 and 40 steps. That's enough steps for you to take it as an important personal achievement, if you get it, but also to downplay it if you don't get it. 

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My Mac Mini very dirty. Eaten up with shit

We mentioned at the beginning that, in general, if your Mac Mini stops working, it's because the hard drive is failing. 

Now, there is another incapacitating option, and that is that your computer is full of shit. Literally. 

Dust, fluff, hair, sand, dinosaurs, gravel from Ayamonte, a half-eaten banana, even the Tamagotchi your sister couldn't find. All that and more may have accumulated on your Mac Mini if you haven't cleaned it since it was given to you years ago. 

Repair Mac Mini
Meet your Mac Mini from behind
Repair Mac Mini
Don't skimp on cleanliness
Repair Mac Mini
This is what it would look like after cleaning

In this case, it would be sufficient to remove the plate and clean it thoroughly. And cleaning it thoroughly doesn't involve blowing, because all the air that comes out of your mouth carries suspended (or unsuspended) saliva, and that's criminal for the Mac Mini. 

Obviously, if you clean it once a year, it won't hurt and your computer will last longer and perform better. 

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