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Repair Lenovo laptops

Looking for a place where you can repair Lenovo laptopsYour laptop has stopped working and you don't know where to turn? At Computer Repair we have the best specialists for all kinds of problems with devices from the Chinese manufacturer.

And when we say for all kinds of problems, we mean it. From that laptop that your cousin blows up with a fist-sized firecracker, to the one that falls in the swimming pool while you're recording a video for TikTok, to your grandmother getting tangled up in the cable and knocking the laptop to the floor. A classic yesterday, today and forever. 

Lenovo Laptop Repair: Typical Services

When your computer breaks down, you always think that the universe is conspiring against you, that you have more bad luck than anyone else and that misfortune is always hanging over your day to day life. Things as they are, we will not be the ones to judge your circumstances, but in the case of your laptop, whatever happens to you, has already happened to many other people. At least in this, you are not alone and we are going to prove it to you. 

  • Hard disk error
  • Broken screen 
  • Fan failures due to dirt accumulation
  • Reballing
  • Base plate
  • Keyboard faults
  • Operating system
  • Failure and repair of hinges
  • Virus in the system: Trojan, spyware, malware...
  • Upgrading from HDD to SSD
  • Charging connector failure

These are the most common faults when repairing Lenovo laptops. Obviously, then there are those who come to you with a computer full of paint because a whole 15-litre can has fallen on their laptop. In that case, we don't paint at all (sorry for the joke). 

And all this to tell you that when it comes to Lenovo laptop repair, we deal with all kinds of problems that may arise. 

Lenovo laptop repair - How much does it cost?
Repair Lenovo laptops - Price of repair

Lenovo laptop repair: How much does it cost?

Of course, until we take a look at the laptop, we will not be able to make a diagnosis and tell you what the problem is.

Of course, once we have it, we will give you a free, no-obligation quoteso you will know at all times how much it costs to repair your computer. No scares, jolts or strange concepts like the famous 'Junta de la Trócola' of all times. 

Repair Lenovo laptops
Lenovo Laptop Repair - Lenovo Laptop Repair - We pick it up at your home

Lenovo laptop repair: Lenovo laptop repair: pick-up service

Yes, our workshop is in Madrid. And what happens if you don't live nearby? Moreover, what if you live in Comillas, a beautiful Cantabrian municipality, to give a random example.

Well, we are going to fix your laptop just like anyone else who comes in person, but in your case we are going to pick it up at your home, via MRW courier, we are going to repair it and we are going to take it back to you fixed and ready so that it won't give you problems for a while. What do you think about our laptop collection service? And the best thing is that it will take less time than you think. Our laptop collection service achieves excellence. 

How do you see it? If you want to talk to us, you have several ways to get in touch with us contact and we'll be happy to help. We will look after your Lenovo laptop as if it were a laptop hotel. 

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