Repair iPhone 7 audio IC

Repair iPhone 7 audio IC

Specialised solution for iPhone audio IC repair at Repair Computers Madrid

The iPhone 7 audio IC repair is a specialised solution for troubleshooting sound problems in the device. This problem, known as Loop diseaseis caused by a factory defect in the audio chip. Symptoms include the inability to hear hands-free sound, problems during calls and the inability to send voice memos.

To solve this problem, it is recommended to visit a specialised technical service or consider self-repair alternatives. It is also important to follow recommendations to avoid future iPhone 7 audio problems.

Symptoms of iPhone 7 audio problem

The iPhone 7 may experience audio problems due to a factory defect in the audio chip, known as Loop disease. These problems affect the operation of the audio system and can manifest themselves through a variety of symptoms.

  • Impossibility to listen to hands-free soundOne of the most common symptoms is the inability to use the handsfree and hear the audio properly during a call or when playing music or videos.
  • Problems during callsAnother sign of an audio problem is a lack of clarity in calls. You may experience distorted sounds, interference or poor sound quality.
  • Inability to send voice memosIf you have noticed that you are unable to send voice memos through messaging apps or voice recorders on your iPhone 7, this could be an indicator of the presence of the audio problem.
  • Affecting other iPhone 7 featuresIn addition to the specific symptoms mentioned above, the audio problem may affect other functionalities of your iPhone 7. For example, you may experience difficulties playing sounds in games or using applications that require the use of the microphone.

If you've experienced any of these symptoms on your iPhone 7, you may want to consider the possibility of repair iPhone audio IC. This will allow you to fully enjoy all audio features of your device without any restrictions.

Repair Audio Chip iPhone 7

iPhone 7 audio IC repair

The iPhone audio IC repair 7 is essential to solving sound problems that may occur due to factory defects in the audio chip. In this section, we will explore both the procedure of repair at a specialised service centre as well as self-repair alternatives.

Repair procedure at the specialised service centre

When you call in a specialist service technician, the experts will carry out a series of steps to repair iPhone 7 audio IC:

  1. Test startsl: Technicians shall perform an assessment to identify the source and severity of the audio problem.
  2. Micro weldingUsing specialised techniques, micro-soldering will be carried out to remove and re-solder the chip. Cirrus Logic 338S00105 audio interface on the device board.
  3. Track reconstructionIn cases where necessary, tracks that have been affected by the problem will be reconstructed.
  4. Change of microphoneIf the microphone has also been damaged, it may need to be replaced during repair.
  5. Final weldingAfter the repair is completed, the audio chip is put back in place and soldered using hot air.

Self-repair alternatives

If you have knowledge and experience in repairs of electronic devicesyou can also opt for repair the iPhone 7 audio IC on your own. Although this option requires technical skills and the right tools, it can result in financial savings. Self-repair alternatives include:

  1. Lift or remove the chipThe chip must be lifted or removed from the board to access the damaged data line known as I2S.
  2. Track reconstructionUsing a copper bridge, the damaged track is rebuilt to restore the proper connection and operation of the chip.
  3. Chip reballingIn some cases, reballing may be necessary, which involves changing the solder beads on the audio chip.

It is important to bear in mind that self-repair involves certain risks and technical requirements, so it is advisable to have previous experience and a sound knowledge of electronics before attempting the repair.

Repair Audio Chip iPhone 7G

Recommendations to avoid the audio problem on the iPhone 7

To avoid facing audio problems on your iPhone 7If you are not sure how to use your device, it is important to follow some practical recommendations that will help you to keep your device running smoothly. Here are some useful tips:

  • Keep your iPhone 7 firmware up to date. Manufacturers often release updates with improvements and bug fixes that can fix audio problems.
  • Avoid the use of non-approved chargers.. Always use original chargers or those with quality certifications to avoid overcharging or temperature problems that may affect the audio IC.
  • Don't charge your iPhone 7 overnight. Although it may seem convenient, leaving the device plugged in for long periods of time can cause a temperature rise and damage the audio chip.
  • Protect your iPhone 7 from moisture and water. The presence of liquids in the device may cause severe damage to the motherboard and affect the operation of the audio chip.
  • Prevents falls and hard knocks. A sudden impact may cause damage to the internal structure of the device, including the audio IC.
  • Use quality headphones and accessories. Whenever possible, opt for compatible, brand-name headphones and audio devices to ensure proper connection and avoid sound problems.

Remember that following these recommendations can prolong the life of your iPhone 7 and reduce the likelihood of iPhone 7-related sound problems. iPhone audio IC. However, if you have already experienced sound difficulties, it is advisable to call in a specialised service technician for an accurate assessment and possible iPhone audio IC repair.

Repair Audio Chip iPhone 7 Plus

Frequently asked questions about iPhone audio IC repair

What is the source of the audio problem on the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 audio problemknown as Loop disease, has its origins in a factory defect in the audio chip. This defect causes tracks to break up and affects the operation of the device's audio system.

Is it possible to solve the audio problem on my own?

Self-repair alternatives are available, but it is recommended to call in a specialised service technician to ensure an effective solution and to avoid further damage in the repair process. Experienced technicians can carry out micro-welding and replace the audio chip on the iPhone 7 board safely and accurately.

How long does it take to repair the audio IC in iPhone 7?

The repair time for the iPhone 7 audio IC may vary depending on the service provider and the complexity of the problem. In general, it is estimated that the repair can take several hours or even days, as it requires the removal and replacement of the audio chip, as well as the reconstruction of the damaged tracks.

Are there any warranties for iPhone 7 audio IC repair?

Offered 3 months warranty in all our repairs, including the audio IC repair on iPhone 7. 

What other audio-related problems can occur on the iPhone 7?

  • Microphone failure: In addition to the audio chip issue, the iPhone 7 may have microphone failures, affecting the ability to record audio and hindering proper reception during calls.
  • Speaker failureAnother audio-related problem with the iPhone 7 is the speaker failure, which prevents you from hearing sounds and melodies clearly.
  • Headphone connector failures: Some users have experienced difficulties with the headphone jack on iPhone 7, affecting sound quality when using external headphones.

These additional problems may also require the intervention of a specialised service technician for proper repair.

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