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Repair iMac: What's wrong with my computer?

Do you need to repair iMac? Your Apple computer was working fine, as usual. It had never let you down and then one day, just like that, it stopped working. What happened? It's possible that Cupertino has activated the programmed obsolescence of your 2012 iMac. It's possible that Bill Gates has sent a virus to troll you for being from Apple or, perhaps, your computer needs an overhaul and a tune-up, after many years of being put through its paces. 

Sometimes, everything is simpler than we imagine. To begin with, electronic devices break, sooner rather than later. To continue, at least in the case of repair iMacYou won't have to pay as much, and you won't be without your computer for as long as you think you will. What's more, if you live far away from our workshop in Computer RepairEven if you're hundreds of miles away, you can send your iMac to our workshop for repair. 

How do you see it?

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Repair iMac: Common Problems

Surely, when you have had need to fix your iMacIf you've ever thought that the universe is conspiring against you, that you have more bad luck than anyone else and that the stars are aligned to mess you up. The reality is quite different. In fact, we are going to show you the common problems that lead to thousands of iMacs being fixed every day. Basically, you're not alone in your misfortune. 

Repair iMac: Won't Power On

You press the button, go to get something to eat while it starts and when you come back, it's still off. Why? It could be the source from feedingmay be some component internalyou may also have a problem in the plate base. In this case, the most important thing is to rule out the option of hammering or beating. It will not work. 

Repair iMac - Won't Turn On
Repair iMac - What if it won't turn on?

Repair iMac: It's too slow

If you iMac is slowsomething is wrong. And if it doesn't get better, it's time to fix it. What could it be? You may need to extend the Memory RAM, o replace the hard disk with an SSD to improve performance. Either that or open the window a little so that the 70º in your room drops and with it, the temperature of the computer. 

Repair iMac: Permanent Apple

When you turn on the iMac and the iMac is stuck with the grey screenis disturbing. When it's the apple that stays permanently on the screen, it's scary. It looks like you're being watched from Cupertino. And it's not like that (they force us to say that. Who? THEM!). 

The solution may be to return to install the operating systemthat the plate base or the disc hard. Whatever it is, it has a solution. 

Repair iMac - Permanent Apple
Repair iMac - Remember: it shouldn't burn out

Repair iMac: Cracked or scratched screen

How can the iMac display? Ask your brother-in-law who can tell you 1,000 ways and assure you that every single one of them has happened to him. 

If the screen is not broken but the image is not sharp, it is possible that the graphics card is begging to be buried. We give it the honours and look for a suitable replacement. 

iMac Repair: High Temperatures

Let's see how we explain it: an iMac should not get hot to the point where you can make steaks on it. Its fans prevent heat from building up, so if your computer burns, you have a problem, and it's not the heat it gives off. 

In this case, it is possible that the dust accumulationThe use of a filter, lint, hair, dirt, food and dirt in general, can lead to a malfunction of any element. If this happens to you, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Repair iMac - Permanent Apple
Repair iMac - I dropped my Frappuccino

Repair iMac: Got wet

Without going into the difference between se ha mojado and lo he mojado, we will tell you that it is one of the most important most common iMac repair faults

What's more, if what you dropped on your iMac is a Starbucks Green tea Matcha Frappuccino, that wasted drink is going to cost almost more than fixing your computer. 

Repair iMac at Repair Computers

They say that movement is shown by walking but, right now, no matter how much we walk, you won't see us, so we opt for other elements to make ourselves known. 

Which ones? The first, a free, no-obligation quote so you know how much the job will cost before you start. No scares, no stabs, no tip percentage, no weird concepts and no small heart attacks. All you have to do is get on contact with Computer Repair and ask ourselves. 

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, if you are not from Madrid, you can send us the equipment by courierWhat more do you want? Ah, of course, we hadn't thought about your Green tea Matcha Frappuccino but, sorry, we won't be able to. The iMac is heavy and we can make a mess. 

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