TopCase MacBook A2941



TopCase MacBook A2941 with English Keyboard

- TopCase MacBook A2941 15″ MacBook EMC 8301 Year 2023 colour Space Gray or Silver.

- It is the Mac's enclosure, with English keyboard included. Also included is the TouchPad and the original battery. They are original parts used for dismantling.

- The price includes the TopCase of the MacBook Air A2941 and VAT.


Compatible Models MacBook Air A2941

- Year 2023
- 15,3″ screen
- MacBook Air (15-inch, 2023)
- Spanish Keyboard
- TouchPad and Original Battery included
- TopCase Original TopCase in Space Grey or Silver colour
- Model identifier: Mac14,15
- Part numbers: MQKP3xx/A, MQKQQ3xx/A, MQKR3xx/A, MQKT3xx/A, MQKU3xx/A, MQKV3xx/A, MQKW3xx/A, MQKX3xx/A


TopCase with MacBook Air A2941 Keyboard Shipping Service

- It is sent by courier (MRW) directly to your home or to the address indicated within 24 working hours.

- You will receive the order from 2023 TopCase MacBook A2941 15″ MacBook A2941 with English Keyboard the next working day.

- Check that the shipment arrives correctly without any damage in front of the courier, because if the package has received some kind of accident in the shipment, you have to claim it directly to the courier to be able to process it by means of the shipping insurance. If you are unable to claim it from the courier, it is essential to claim it within 24 hours of receipt.

- You have the possibility to pick up the keyboard to MacBook Air A2941 directly in our workshop from Computer Repair in Madrid.


Warranty MacBook A2941 Keyboard Case A2941

- The guarantee of the TopCase MacBook A2941 is 3 months.

- This warranty covers the malfunction of the replacement part. It never covers damage caused to the equipment or the spare part due to improper handling or installation of the spare part. This must be carried out by a professional.

- We can quickly install the spare part for an economical price. Price 150€ for installation.



Original - Remanufactured


3 months warranty


Silver Original Disassembly, Space Gray Original Disassembly


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