Screwdriver Y



0.6mm Triangular Screwdriver to Repair Apple SmartPhone or Tablet

- Tool for iPhone repair, iPadScrewdriver YThe new iPhone 7 and later is a must-have for unlocking new Apple devices.

- It includes Screwdriver Y triangular in shape 0.6mm, to be able to open and repair the latest iPhone and iPad.

- It can also intervene in the opening and disassembly of other smartphones or tablets. All types of repairs can be carried out on these devices, as most devices use standard screws.

- It is recommended to purchase together with the basic tool kit that you can find on our website.


The package includes

- Triangular screwdriver 0.6mm Y-shape



- It is sent by MRW within 24 working hours.

- Pick up possible directly from our Computer Repair workshop in Hortaleza, Madrid.




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Screwdriver YScrewdriver Y
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