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Repair MacBook Power Connector - Typical Malfunctions

- The MacBook Laptop does not load. 

Does not load and it is not a problem with the motherboard's power controllers or the battery. The problem lies in the power supply connector of the motherboard.

- If the failure of the motherboard is higher than the basic price of this service, a new quotation will be given without obligation.

- The price includes the repair of the DC-IN power connector on the motherboard of your MacBook laptop. Pick-up and return service is not included. You can always bring it directly to our workshop in Madrid.

- If the Apple MacBook laptop had other faults (screen, battery...), a complementary quote would be given in addition to Repair MacBook Power Connector.


Which models of MacBook can be repaired with the MacBook Power Connector?

- MacBook Pro A2442
- MacBook Pro A2338
- MacBook Air A2337
- MacBook Pro A2289
- MacBook Pro A2251
- MacBook Air A2179
- MacBook Pro A2159
- MacBook Pro A2141
- MacBook Pro A1990
- MacBook Pro A1989
- MacBook Air A1932
- MacBook Pro A1708
- MacBook Pro A1707
- MacBook Pro A1706
- MacBook A1534
- MacBook Pro A1502
- MacBook Air A1466
- MacBook Air A1465
- MacBook Pro A1425
- MacBook Pro A1398
- MacBook Air A1370
- MacBook Pro A1286
- MacBook Pro A1278

Pick-up and Return Service (Optional)

- It is collected by courier directly from your home or from the address indicated within a period of 24 working hours.

- The repair has a time limit of between 1 and 2 weeks approximately.

- A courier will return your repaired MacBook device to you at the address provided, after receiving payment for the repair.

- Not valid for iMac computers



- The guarantee of Repair MacBook Power Connector The warranty period is 3 months (any kind of manipulation or new accident will void the warranty).

- This warranty covers the repair(s) carried out on the defective device, but in no case is the warranty comprehensive for the entire device.



- Prior diagnosis of the faulty device by our technicians is necessary as the symptoms may give a false clue, and it may be something more complex or even beyond repair.

- Use the original box or a large, padded box where the device cannot be moved freely and pack it completely.


MacBook A2338 - A2337 - A2289 - A2251, A2179 - A2159 - A2141 - A1990 - A1989, A1932 - A1708 - A1707 - A1706 - A1534, A1502 - A1466 - A1465 - A1398, A1425 - A1370 - A1286 - A1278 - iMac


3 months warranty

3 reviews for Reparar Conector Alimentación MacBook

  1. Mariana C -

    I brought in my MacBook Air A2179 because the power port was not working. Now it works fine and I have had no more problems with charging. Highly recommended, they are very efficient.

  2. Esther Sandoval -

    I am very satisfied with the repair, I think they offer a good service. In short, satisfied customer

  3. Maria Luisa -

    My MacBook Air is functional again. Very good work and customer service

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Repair MacBook Power ConnectorRepair MacBook Power Connector
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