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iMac Motherboard Repair - Typical Malfunctions

- The Apple iMac computer does not switch on, no image, it turns off... 

- Equipment that won't turn on, reballing, short circuits, replacement of chips and electronic components on the motherboard.

Does not load and it is not a connector or a battery. The problem lies in the power supply integrated circuit of the motherboard.

- Image problemsscratches, streaks, lack of image or failure in the backlight (the picture is always dark). If changing the screen does not solve the problem, it is a malfunction that requires iMac Motherboard Repair. Either by making a Reballing in the Graphics Chip (VGA), or sometimes by replacing it with a new one (only available in older models, in newer models, the VGA is integrated in the CPU and cannot be replaced).

- Various faults: Wifi, bluetooth, power integrated circuits, hard disk not detected, ignition, soldering, sensors, etc.

- If the computer has got wet and it gives problems. It needs to be checked to see the extent of the fault. Normally it is sufficient to iMac motherboard repair. 

- Problems in the integrated circuit of audio (IC audio).

- If the failure of the motherboard is higher than the basic price of this service, a new quotation will be given without obligation.

- The price includes the repair of your MacBook laptop motherboard. Pick-up and return service is not included. You can bring it to us or send it directly to our workshop in Madrid.

- If the computer Apple iMac if there are other faults (screen, battery...), a supplementary quotation will be given.

- These repairs are extremely delicate, as there is a possibility that the equipment may be damaged, may not turn on again or may freeze. If we are unable to repair the motherboard, we do not charge for the attempt.

- These bulky devices, like Apple's iMacs, require the customer to send them to our Madrid workshop.

- The repair has a time limit of between 1 and 3 weeks approximately. However, if components need to be ordered, the repair can take up to 5 or 6 weeks. 

- Possibility to bring the equipment directly to iMac motherboard repair to our electronic laboratory in Madrid in person whenever you want in our opening hours, which you can see in our section of contact



- The guarantee of iMac Motherboard Repair The warranty period is 3 months (any kind of manipulation or new accident will void the warranty).

- This warranty covers the repair(s) carried out on the defective device, but in no case is the warranty comprehensive for the entire device.


3 months warranty

2 reviews for Reparar Placa Base iMac

  1. Xiaoke -

    They repaired my iMac in 2 weeks, when other shops had left it for dead. Very good work, very professional. Thank you

  2. Gabriel Velez -

    I am very happy with the repair, I took it to several places, but they couldn't fix it. I liked that they explained the process it would take to do it. Happy with the result

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iMac Motherboard RepairiMac Motherboard Repair
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