Opening Lever (Spudger)



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Opening Lever

- Repair Tool for iPhone, iPad, tablet and smartphone. Ultra Slim, Springy, Stainless Steel Spudger (Pry Type Tool) for Opening with Smart Tip Design and Rubber Handle.

- It is the best tool available to open your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone and tablet in general. It will help you to remove the touch screen effortlessly. It helps to remove stuck batteries, open devices... It is specially designed to fit in very narrow spaces due to its angle, thickness and flexibility. Try it! You won't regret it.

The package includes

- Opening Lever (Spudger), similar to iSesamo


- It is sent by MRW within 24 working hours.

- Pick-up is possible directly from our workshop in Computer Repair Madrid.



2 reviews for Palanca para Apertura (Spudger)

  1. Gustavo Celis -

    I thought that for the price they would not be of high quality, but they turned out to be very good. I have worked with them without any problems, they have been good for me!

  2. Idhara Perez -

    Excellent product! Since I purchased this tool I am much more efficient!

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