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Change Screen iPhone 13

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Change Screen iPhone 13

- Change Screen iPhone 13The screen is made up of two parts: the outer touch screen and the screen that provides the image. If there has been a fall and consequently a breakage of the touch screen or the part that provides the image, it is necessary to replace the screen of the iPhone 13.

- The price of this repair includes the screen of the Apple iPhone 13The cost of the work, the labour and the VAT.


How much does it cost to replace the screen of an iPhone 13?

- iPhone 13 screen replacement (A2482 - A2631 - A2633 - A2634 - A2635) are 80€ VAT included.
- iPhone 13 Mini screen replacement (A2481 - A2626 - A2628 - A2629 - A2630) are 80€ VAT included.
- iPhone 13 Pro screen replacement (A2483 - A2636 - A2638 - A2639 - A2640) are 180€ VAT included.
- iPhone 13 Pro Max screen replacement (A2484 - A2641 - A2643 - A2644 - A2645) are 200€ VAT included.


Collection and Return Service iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

- It is collected by courier directly at your home or at the address indicated within 24 working hours.

- We will receive your device iPhone 13 the next day.

- The time limit for the repair of Change Screen iPhone 13 is 24 working hours (except for lack of stock of parts or detection of other possible faults, in which case we will contact you to give you a solution).

- A messenger will return your iPhone already repaired, after having received payment for the repair.

- You have the option, for Repair iPhone 13, to bring it directly to our workshop in Madrid.


Warranty replacement screen iPhone 13

- The guarantee of Change Screen iPhone 13 is 3 months (any tampering or breakage will void the warranty).

- This warranty covers the repair(s) carried out on the defective product, but in no case is the warranty global to the entire device.


iPhone 13 Screen Replacement Instructions

- Pre-diagnosis of the device is necessary iPhone 13 The symptoms may give a false clue, and it may be something more complex or even beyond repair.

- Use the original box or a large, padded box where the device cannot be moved freely and pack it completely.


TFT Incell


New - 100% Compatible


3 months warranty


iPhone 13 - iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

8 reviews for Cambiar Pantalla iPhone 13

  1. Carlos -

    I found Reparar Ordenadores after searching for several days for a reliable technical service because from what I read on the internet...puff, what a scare. Well just to say that their reputation is well earned, great service, all confidence, good prices ... they left my precious iPhone 13 like new.

    • David Ruiz -

      Thank you very much for your comment

  2. Manuel -

    Compatible screen but looks great, and the touchscreen is the same as the one I had!!!

    Without a doubt a success!

  3. Matthew -

    I had a reference to this shop from a friend who lives nearby, so when I smashed the screen of my iPhone 13 on the floor (I fell down some stairs), it was the first place I thought of. Problem? I live in Ciudad Real. Did I say problem? No problem at all.

    A courier came to pick up my phone, they fixed it and brought it back to my home. Spectacular service, fast, efficient and the phone is as good as new. In fact, we have already repaired my nephew's iPad and everything went just as well.

    Truly, 100% recommended, wherever you live.

  4. Idhara Perez -

    The iPhone is a very expensive phone, but it is worth repairing. This website offers an excellent service at a very competitive price.

  5. Emiliana Carrasquero -

    I dropped my mobile and the mess, thanks to the recommendation I got into David's hands and he made it as good as new, great.

  6. Zuleima Heredia -

    Within two days of repairing my iPhone SE, my brother had his iPhone 13 blown up and they were able to fix it too These people work magic on blown up phones and make them as good as new
    Eternally grateful

  7. Michelangelo -

    High quality iPhone repair service

  8. Rodrigo -

    Very professional. They made my iPhone as good as new.

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