Computer Price. Inflation since 2017

Computer Price - Comparison 2017 - Current

Computer Price - How much has it gone up since 2017?

Since 2017, the world has been confronted with a coronavirus pandemicto a crisis of component manufacturersto a historic inflation and, incidentally, to a war in Ukraine which has affected consumption and prices around the world. If we add to this life itself, it is worth looking back a few years and checking, in this case, how much the "computer price" has risen. In this case, we will stop at 2017 and take as a reference a high-end computer

Price of a computer 2017 vs. current price

This has been done by the French website JeuxVideowhere they wanted to compare the price of building a premium team in 2017 and the same team today. The result, to be gentle, is astonishing. 

Computer Price - Corsair Components
Computer Price - Compare 2017/Current

And the fact is that the price of the current computer is almost double (not by a little) the price of the 2017 computer.. What's more, the graphics card alone in the current computer is already worth almost the same as the price of the 2017 computer. Obviously, this price increase generates doubts for many users when it comes to buying a new computer and, instead, the choice of repair computers continues to grow, as it is much cheaper and more affordable.

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Computer Price 2017

The comparison took into account the fact that the computer built in 2017 would be able to run all the AAAs of 2017. In addition to this, component prices are real prices, no discountsThe experiment should not be adulterated by promotions or any kind of offer. As it is, the price of a computer in 2017 was 1,700 euros.manufactured from these components: 

Computer price - Gamer
Computer Price - How much did it cost in 2017?

Total price computer 2017 - 1,700 euros

Computer Price News

The issue changes when this comparison is made today and it turns out that with the 1,700 euros of the 2017 computer would only barely cover the graphics card.. This being the case, the price of manufacturing a high-end computer is 3,200 euros. as of today. Obviously, the components have been adapted to the development of the components and would be their equivalents in 2017, also without discounts or promotions. 

Current computer price - 3,189 euros

Obviously, since 2017, salaries have not doubled, which has meant that many users, instead of completely renewing their equipment, are replacing the parts that are breaking or becoming obsolete. In this case, if you need any type of spare parts for your computerPlease do not hesitate to contact us. 

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