Portable Insurance

Laptop Insurance

Basic Portable Insurance from €2.14 per month which includes:

  • Any accidental damage or breakage
  • No Franchise

Comprehensive Laptop Insurance from €3.21 per month which includes:

  • Any accidental damage or breakage
  • Theft
  • Liquids
  • Any Accidental damage
  • No Franchise
No seniority limit

We insure your computer laptop up to 36 months old


Laptop Insurance for all makes, models and pricesincluding your Apple MacBook.


We bear the cost of the claim without you having to pay any excess.

Spillage of liquids

Have you been wet Have you spilled water or a beer on your laptop and it no longer works properly? We'll take care of the repair free of charge for you.

Laptop theft or robbery

If you suffer from a theft of your laptop, we will provide you with a equal device or equivalent to the one you have.

flat rate
No shortages

You will have your Laptop computer insured since time where you take out the insurance policy.

Insurance for all

Portable Insurance for companies, schools and fleetsWe insure all your laptops so you don't take risks with very attractive discounts.

Tailor-made for you

Personalise your cover and pay for insurance as you wish: on a monthly or annual basis.

No depreciation of your laptop

Your laptop shall not lose value with the passage of time time

Portable Insurance
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We are official distributors of Tu Seguro Móvil

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basic mode: covers accidental breakage of the insured device
  • All Risks modality: covers any accidental damage suffered by the insured device, damage caused by any liquid to the equipment, theft and robbery of the insured equipment.

In the case of accidental damage, we take care of repairing it. In the case of theft or robbery, we deliver the same or similar equipment to the one you had.

  • The accessories of the handheld device.
  • Scratches and normal wear and tear on the computer.
  • Electrical or mechanical damage.
  • Costs that may be incurred due to loss of data or files.
  • Damage, defects and vices already existing at the time of taking out the insurance.
  • Any loss due to war, terrorism, participation in armed conflicts or nuclear risks.
  • Damage caused intentionally or by negligent conduct.
  • If you knowingly take risks with your device, we may deny the claim. Here are some examples of where we think you may have taken risks with your device: In a café, bar or pub, if you leave your device on the table when you go to the toilet or bar, rather than taking your device with you or in a gym, if you leave your device on a bench in the changing rooms, rather than leaving it in your locker or taking your device with you.
You can insure any laptop, notebook or Chromebook up to 36 months old or the purchase amount, as long as you have a purchase invoice in your name, a sales contract or any document that proves when you bought the device, how much it cost and that the computer is yours.
Yes, you can insure it. You must have the delivery note that was given to you, and we will insure your laptop for the market value.
Yes, the invoice or document proving ownership of the insurance must be in the name of the person taking out the insurance.
If you do not have a purchase invoice, we can insure your laptop as long as you have a delivery note, a sales contract or in general any document that proves that you are the owner of the computer and the date on which you purchased the device, identifying in this document the make, model and serial code.
All you have to do is provide us with your personal details (ID, Name and Surname) and laptop details (brand, model, date of purchase, purchase price and serial number).
Regarding the purchase price, in case you did not have to pay anything for your computer, you should indicate the market price of the equipment.
The serial number can be found on the computer itself.
Whether you choose the annual or monthly payment method, we will ask you for a bank card to pay the bills for your policy. When you take out the policy, we will charge you for the first monthly bill or the first year's bill.
If you choose the monthly payment method, we will charge the amount of the monthly bill every month on the same day you take out the insurance. If you wish to change the day of payment within each month, you can ask us to do so without any problem.

Our insurance does not have any kind of grace period or period during which your equipment is not insured. If the day after taking out the policy your computer breaks down, it will be fully covered and we will repair it. However, we must always verify that the insured device is in perfect condition. To do this you will have to have it appraised through Our APP.

In the event of a claim, there is no excess. If you have chosen a monthly payment method, you must, however, pay the remainder of the outstanding annual premium. Why do you have to pay the remainder of the annual premium? Because imagine the picaresque, we assume, for example, a repair of 100 euros during the first month of the insurance, and then a customer stops paying the monthly bills...

Yes, it is necessary to assess through Our APP after taking out the policy. You will have to provide three photographs showing the screen, the front and the back with the serial number, clean, complete and without any protective cover or case that prevents us from clearly seeing the condition of the equipment.
The portable insurance has a duration of 1 year, renewable for periods of 1 year unless the client informs us at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the insurance that he/she does not wish to renew it.
Through our APP or by accessing the Customer Area of our website, using the username and password that we sent you in the welcome email, you must complete the form to declare the claim. In any case, you must provide us with the purchase invoice for the laptop.
If the computer suffers an accidental breakage, we will pick up your laptop at the most convenient place for you and we will repair it at an official SAT.
If your laptop is stolen, the first thing you should do is file a theft or robbery report at the police station. With this report, you must, through our APP or the Client Area of our website, complete the form to declare the claim, attaching a copy of the purchase invoice and a copy of the report. Within a period not exceeding 7 days we will send you a terminal equal to the one you had insured, unless your model is discontinued, in which case we will send you a model with similar features and range.
We insure you up to a maximum of two claims per year, one for damage (screen breakage, any material damage or water damage) and one for theft/burglary.

If you have a claim you will be able to declare it in your Customer Areausing the username and password that we sent you in the welcome email, or via Our APP.

Once logged in, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the correct policy. If you have multiple insured devices, check which device is damaged and select the policy linked to that device.
  • Fill in a simple form.
  • Select the type of claim and provide documentation.
  • Necessarily authorise the payment of the rest of the annuity. If you have a monthly payment, once the documentation has been reviewed and validated, you will be charged for the rest of the annuity; and if you have already paid the entire annuity, you do not have to worry about anything.

Once the claim has been declared, you can follow it up via the APP or your Customer Area.

How can I make any changes or request a duplicate?

You will be able to carry out any procedure related to your insurance immediately and automatically from our APP or by accessing the Customer Area of our website, using the username and password that we sent you in the welcome email.                        
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