Computer Repair Laptop PC

Computer Repair Laptop PC

At Computer Repair we are specialists in repair computerslaptops or laptop, Pc's (Personal Computer) or desktop.

If you have a malfunction in your personal computer go to our technical support service (SAT) that we have in Madrid, so that we can solve the problems that you have in your computer. The diagnosis and estimate are free of charge.

We offer all types of repairs, from software failures, such as virus infections, Windows operating system problems, slowness in general operation, and so on. Or, hardware breakdowns, i.e., that you have a damaged part, such as the motherboard, power supply, battery, keyboard, mouse, graphics card, wifi, network connection...

We have been repairing computers for more than 16 years and are dedicated to the Computer RepairWe have a great deal of experience in resolving all types of computer breakdowns.

Contact us by telephone, WhatsAppYou can also send us an e-mail or come directly to our workshop in Mar de Cristal. 

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