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Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher, when the basics hide the fundamentals

The average number of applications a smartphone has downloaded is 80. However, a third of them are uninstalled in less than 30 days and, of the remainder, it is usual to use around 24 of the total of 80 installed.. Obviously, there are 56 other apps that are on the mobile phone in a secondary or tertiary way and are only used on exceptional occasions.

The question is simple: is itWouldn't it be easier to have the most frequently used applications at hand so that they can be accessed quickly and productively?? The answer to that question is an application that you will fall in love with from the first interaction: Niagara Launcher.

Niagara Launcher, the best launcher on the market - App
Niagara Launcher - Top launcher

Basically, Niagara Launcher puts the usual applications of a mobile user at your fingertips. With a simple but highly efficient interface and a minimalist environment, Niagara proposes to bring together these applications in a single interface. apps most used on the front page, without getting into complicated and convoluted configurations, customisations or new interfaces.

The reality of this app is that it seeks to take the simplicity of access to applications to its maximum expression. In other words, you can do it with a single gesture, with one hand and as quickly as possible.

An infinite beta

Niagara Launcher has long remained a beta from which testers always wanted more. And that moment came with the release of a very neat and elegant final version.

So much so that the name Niagara Launcher comes from the gesture the user makes when scrolling through the alphabetical column that leads to the interface to curve sinuously in a waterfall shape, to highlight the apps in the letter you are passing by. A detail that may seem minor but gives an elegance seldom seen in the list.

Niagara Launcher, the best launcher on the market - Features
Niagara Launcher - Advantages

Advantages of Niagara Launcher

Among the advantages of an organiser such as Niagara Launcheris the fact of eliminating the use of desktops. In other words, it is not the user who adapts to the mobile desktop, but the other way round. In addition, Niagara has a free version very complete and sufficient to have the perfect home screen for you. Although it also offers a premium version which extends the benefits to levels that could not even be imagined.

  • Free version of Niagara Launcher
    1. Ergonomic efficiency - The great advantage of the app is that it allows you to operate your smartphone with just one hand, no matter what size it is.
    2. Adaptable list - Events, media player, incoming messages... Everything appears on the screen when it should.
    3. Wave alphabet - A quick and easy way to access all applications without having to search for them in the usual folders.
    4. Integrated notifications - Beyond notifications, Niagara Launcher allows you to read and respond from the home screen.
    5. Concentration - Careful, minimalist design helps you to concentrate on what is important.
    6. Simple design - Less is more and Niagara Launcher is committed to a clean interface with a maximum of eight shortcuts.
    7. No advertising - Although it is free, it has no advertising.
Niagara Launcher, the best launcher on the market - Advantages
Niagara Launcher - Price
  • Premium version Niagara Launcher
    1. Price
      • 9,99 euros / yearly subscription
      • 29,99 euros / permanent subscription
    2. Agenda and time - Full access to both apps
    3. Pop-up windows - They can display applications, shortcuts, notifications and even widgets.
    4. Customisable - Own fonts or the Niagara Dots icon pack.
    5. Improved searches - Full integration with the Sesame app.

And if you want one last proof of the quality of Niagara Launcher, just go to Google Play and check the 4.8 out of 5 stars which has an average score after, watch out, almost 54,000 ratings and reviewsWhy not give it a try?

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