My MacBook won't connect to WiFi

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi?

My computer does not connect to WiFi

¿Why my MacBook won't connect to WiFi? If you have asked yourself this question, you are in the right place. It goes without saying that there are many reasons for the error and many other solutions that we are going to provide you with. It's a question of trying until you find the right one and you know why my computer won't connect to WiFi

In general, the common problems that lead to a MacBook not connecting to Wi-Fi typically range from network problemsto a network shutdown by the access providerthrough problems with the operating system or with the router settings. However, there are more elements that can leave you without a wireless signal and place the dreaded exclamation mark over the WiFi symbol. Let's look for solutions. 

Basic checks you should make

Yes my MacBook won't connect to WiFiThe first thing to do is to go over the classic basics. Actually, it is to check the equipment involved in the process and verify that everything is OK. Or not. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi? - Signal
My MacBook won't connect to WiFi
  • Activate and deactivate WiFi of your MacBook
  • Check if the device is connected to the network which must 
  • If you can, try connect to another network
  • Check whether the router connection cable is well connected 
  • And finally, the classic of classics: turning the device off and on and reconnect it to the network. 

Try connecting it by cable

What is the my MacBook won't connect to the WiFi? Try connect it with the cable. In the end, cable is a direct connection, with no chance of someone stealing your connection and slowing you down, and generally better performance, as there are no packet retransmission losses due to signal interference. And yes, it's hard to explain why your MacBook Pro is suddenly no longer a laptop, but remember that it's temporary while you figure out the solution. 

Follow the recommendations of the Mac 'More Information'.

In general, the Apple website has a highly recommended section with solutions to problems. Obviously, that my MacBook won't connect to WiFi This is something that can happen to any neighbour's son or daughter. In this case, go to the Apple's 'More Information where you will find recommendations such as restarting or upgrading the Macamong the simplest, or check the VPNThe project is somewhat more complex. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi? - VPN
My MacBook won't connect to WiFi - 'Learn More' - Apple Support

If you can connect to the mobile, run a diagnostic of the environment.

Yes my MacBook does not connect to WiFi but it does allow you to connect to the network shared with your mobile, take advantage of this to make a diagnosis of the environment. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi? - How to diagnose
My MacBook won't connect to WiFi - Wireless Diagnostics
  • Close all applications that you have open
  • Click Option'+ 'Option'+ 'Alt' and click on the WiFi iconin the upper right-hand corner
  • Without releasing 'Option' + 'Alt', click on '...'.Open Wireless Diagnostics
  • Release the keys 'Option' + 'Alt' and follow the instructions that it will give you. 

When you are finished, you will have information on the possible causes of the error and what prevents your computer connects to the WiFi.

Unsecured WiFi network on Mac

If you get the message Unsecured WiFi network on MacIt is possible that you are connected to a public network that is saturated due to the number of people using it. Libraries, shopping centres, municipal networks... It is common for these networks to be overloaded and give you problems. In general, they usually ask for verification and, in these cases, they usually work better. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi? - Unsecured Network
My MacBook won't connect to WiFi - Beware of free networks

If you have the problem at home and you get the message Unsecured WiFi network on Macthe recommendation is to go directly to to the router settings and change your password.. To do this, check with your phone provider to confirm how to do this. 

Other diagnostic options

Returning to the Wireless DiagnosticsIf you haven't even known where to start, it won't hurt to know what information you can turn to in order to solve your problem. 

  • Performance - It will give you several up-to-the-minute graphs with information such as speed, signal and quality of your connection.
  • Detector - It will help you to scan your WiFi traffic.
  • Information - It will give you details of the network connections you have in real time.
  • Registers - They will get a .log file with specific data about your connections.
  • Explore - It tries to find other WiFi routers in your area and gives you information about them.

Connect to your ADSL operator

We have assumed that if my MacBook won't connect to WiFi is the fault of our equipment, but it may have nothing to do with it and may be the fault of the signal itself, i.e. your Internet service provider. So, if you have tried all of the above options and they have not worked, it is possible that the signal from your provider is not adequate, that there is a problem with the coverage or a thousand other things. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi?
My MacBook won't connect to WiFi - What if it's not your fault?

On more than one occasion it has happened that an internet operator's service goes down, leaving thousands of people offline. Obviously, we tend to personalise problems, when your whole city may be like you. Obviously, it's not a common occurrence but it can happen. Call to check. And while you're at it confirm the status of your router in real timeThe problem may have been caused by something wrong with it. 

Other Internal Solutions (High Difficulty Level)

that my MacBook Pro won't connect to WiFi still? It is time to look for pro-level solutions. In this case, change the DNS in MAC. The Domain Name System attributes a number to your device or a name, i.e. an IP address or a url. The DNS that is usually taken by default is that of the Internet access provider. If you want to change it, follow these steps. 

Why won't my MacBook connect to WiFi? - Router
And if nothing works: Technical Service
  • Click on the ' iconWiFi' and select 'Advanced' in the 'Network Preferences Panel'. You will get a tab called 'DNS', if you click on the '+' in 'DNS server' and write ' you confirm with 'Ok', the changes made will be validated. 

If you still have the problem, please contact us.

What if none of this works? Yes my MacBook won't connect to WiFiafter trying everything, a simple and safe option is to Repair MacBook with our technical service, so that we can take care of it and give it to you in nickel-plated condition. Well, lithium-plated. In fact, just so you don't have any doubts, you can request a free, no-obligation quote so that you know, right from the start, how much the repair will cost you. 

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