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My iPad won't connect to WiFi

My iPad won't connect to WiFi, how to fix it? - Device reboot

Repairing an iPad that won't connect to WiFi

My iPad won't connect to WiFiHow can I fix it? One of the most recurring questions of mankind in recent years involves the Apple mobile device. On many occasions, you go to put the iPad on your kids and suddenly it doesn't connect to the network, even though 10 minutes before you've been watching '...'.Breaking Bad' in it. 

These are the things of technology but, in this case, a recurrent error with multiple solutions that, obviously, we are going to show you and that you can put, calmly, '...'.The Canine Patrol' to your children.

Updating iPad to the latest version of iPadOS

If you iPad does not connect to WiFithe first thing you should do is check the version of iPadOS you have installed. If it's not the last one, don't hesitate and update your iPad to the latest iPadOS version

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You should bear in mind that the updates it proposes Apple of your operating system, serve to correct errors which, why not, may be related to WiFi connections. You'd be surprised how many times after updating iPadOS, the iPad reconnects to the network without a problem. 

Reboot the device in case it still does not connect to Wi-Fi networks.

¿You have updated iPadOS and your iPad still doesn't work.? Before throwing it out of the window, you can try another alternative: reboot the deviceHow to do it? As simple as press the Home button and the power button simultaneouslyand wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen. Basically, it's a life-like reboot, and in many cases, it also helps to reset the WiFi connection. 

Reset connectivity settings

¿You have rebooted and it still does not connect? No, at the moment you don't need to take it into the kitchen to use it as a chopping board. There are more options to fix it. In this case, you can reset connectivity settings. And although it sounds very technical and complicated, it is very easy to do, just follow these steps. Adjustments -> General -> Restart -> Reset Connectivity Settings. 

My iPad won't connect to WiFi, how do I fix it? - Update iPadOS
My iPad won't connect to WiFi, how do I fix it? - Solutions for iPad

After a restart of your iPad, it should be able to connect to WiFi as normal. 

Restore the device

¿You have reset the connectivity settings and your iPad is still not listening.? Before we go to the Apple Store with a jerry can of petrol, let's try something less illegal and dangerous. In this case, we're going to take it a step wilder and we're going to restoring the device

To do so, you will need to connect it to iTunes, via your computer, and restore it as a new deviceThis will make your iPad look like it was just bought, except for all the wear and tear it's been through.

If you still have the problem, please contact us.

¿You have restored the device and there is no way either? You still have the problem "My iPad won't connect to WiFi". Before you sell all your assets to buy Apple shares and try to sink it from the inside, think that each share is worth more than 160 euros and, by the way, we offer you a last step that always works: Repair iPad in our technical service.

My iPad won't connect to WiFi, how to fix it? - Solutions
My iPad won't connect to WiFi, how to fix it? - Repair Computers

As simple as request a free, no-obligation quote from Repair Computers and you'll know, right from the start, how much it will cost to get your iPad nickel-plated. Or as the kids say, Nickelodeon. 

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