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Most common ways to break your computer

Most common ways to break your computer

Do you know the most common ways to break your computer?

The answer to this question is yes. In fact, it is possible that each and every one of these most common ways to break your computer We hope that it will have passed you by, although we trust that it will still be alive. If not, we sympathise with you, but after reading this article, you will not feel the loneliness of someone who destroys their own work or leisure tool. 

We have already told you that the usual ways in which users make a mess are so different from the usual ways in which they make a mess. foreseeable as well as avoidable. But the human gene is made for millions to stumble over the same stone, and this is a clear example. 

It's not just you who's computer breaks down

When you break your computer, the first thing that goes through your mind is something like: "Why does it always happen to me? But in those times when people from 'Secure Data Recoveryand humbles you, showing you two things: that you're not so special and that you're just plain clumsy. They comfort you with the fact that you are not alone in the world of the clumsy. 

What happens to you happens to many people all over the world. If you were the only one whose computer broke, what do you think we would be living with in Computer Repair? In fact, it is estimated that almost a 40% of computers need to be fixed or replaced due to extreme damage. Attention, 4 out of 10 computers. No joke, as Vicente del Bosque would say in the Danacol advert. That said, these are the most common ways to break your computer. 

1. Unexpected computer crashes

Most common ways to break your computer - Crashes
Most common ways to break your computer - Tremendous crash

You're working at home, you get thirsty, you go to the kitchen to get some water, but on the way out, you take your laptop cable with you and it goes on the floor. Messed up. 

In the middle of work, with a thousand things on your desk, you go to pick up the document that is under the pile of papers and, without wanting to, they all fall on top of you and push your laptop to the floor. All 'Final Destination' style. Messed up. 

Well, we would say that a 46% of the computers that break down, do so by the drop method. Whatever the style, the result is always the same: repair. 

2. Liquid on the computer

Most common ways to break your computer - Drink
Most common ways to break your computer - (Not) Fluid retention

Having a coffee in Starbuckswhile checking social networks on your MacBook Airfeeling like you're all cool. And suddenly your 'Green Tea Matcha FrappuccinoThe 'falls on your laptop, because of a butt hitting it from the table next to you. It can happen. 

It could also happen that a minor at home decides to drink a Sunny Delight while imitating how you work on the computer, without you even being aware of it. After hearing a scream, you arrive and see the crime scene. It's time for repairs. 

Friends, friends, you are not alone. The 33% of people who have problems with their computer, have to do with liquids.And not precisely with those who withhold, but quite the opposite. 

3. Food on top of the laptop

Most common ways to break your computer - Food
Most common ways to break your computer - Overeating

On the one hand, you are very hungry. On the other hand, you've got a lot of work to do. Solution? Eat your macaroni and tomato while you get ahead on your work. In the end, the only thing you realise is that laptop and tomato don't go together. It's time to tidy up. 

In this case, we are not only talking about eating a lot of food in one go. There are also those who fill the computer with food little by little. Popcorn, pipes, sugared sweets, crisps, Riskettos... There are keyboards that even CSI wouldn't touch. 

In this case, food reaches a 30% of the bulk of broken computersand soared to an unexpected third place. That said, we're not CSI and we'll take anything you throw at us. All you have to do is request a free, no-obligation quote

4. Blown laptop screen

Most common ways to break your computer - Display
Most common ways to break your computer - Screenshot

How can this be, if Firulais is so good? Well, yes, your pet has ruined your computer screen, and we understand, as it was his biggest competition. Be careful, don't rule out that one of your children might do the same. 

And it is that the screen is more exposed than many people realise. Thus, it is logical that the 20% of broken computers have this problem. 

5. Laptop battery replacement

Indeed, the battery does not imply breaking the computer, strictly speaking. Now, that the 35% of broken computers involve this partis symptomatic. 

As a piece of advice, do not wait for the battery swell up like Uncle Antonio's belly. If you know you have to change it, do it before it screws up your whole computer. 

Most common ways to break your computer - Solution
Most common ways to break your computer - Repair Computers

Everything has a solution in Computer Repair

Obviously, your computer saying 'hasta nunki' is a bummer, but as the optimist once said, everything has a solution except death. And that's what we're here for. 

A Coca-Cola Zero Ketchup and mustard on your computer? Your laptop came out of its sleeve and fell five stories? Your nephew's golf ball went straight into your screen? No problem. We don't judge, we fix. All you have to do is get on contact with us and we'll find the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to bring your computer back to life. 

By the way, you're probably thinking that the percentages given for the five most common ways to break your computer don't add up to 100, right? And you're right. Now, who said that a computer that has been hit by a Almirante Rum by Mercadona on top and it was fixed, didn't it fall off a terrace table in Barcelona a few months later? 

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