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The most common computer breakdowns - Siniestro Total

Find out about computer breakdowns and solutions

When something is starting to go wrong in the computerThere are many things that go through the head of those who use it. From their bad luck, to thinking that the universe is conspiring against them, to the amount of money they think they are going to spend on repairs and, obviously, the latent idea of throwing the computer out of the window.

Well, none of these four thoughts is adequate. In particular, that of throwing it out of the window, as this may constitute a criminal offence.. As for the price of a repair, whether it is expensive or cheap you can quickly find out in the Computer Repair price list.

Everything has a solution, even your computer

The most common computer failures
Most common computer malfunctions - It's slow going.

And to demystify the issue of karma and the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy against you, you only have to take a look at the most common computer breakdowns to realise that what happens to one computer, happens to a million other computers (the figure is hyperbolic, unproven and exaggerated, but very illustrative).

  • It is very slow - If you notice that your computer is running slower, slower and more difficult to perform tasks that used to be instantaneous, there are many reasons for this. From some virus who has sneaked in, to a cleaning of the interior parts, passing through the option of defragment the disk.
  • Does not switch on - When a computer won't turn onMany people think it's dead and start looking to buy another one. If they can afford it, they are envious of its power. Now, before doing so, it's a good idea to check whether the problem is in the power supply or in the starter system itself. Whatever it is, repairing it would be cheaper than a new computer.
Most common computer breakdowns - Fans
Most common computer malfunctions - Fans
  • Noisy fans - Fans are often one of the first components to fail, due to the dirt they accumulate which ends up preventing them from operating normally, and even ruining them. A good maintenance and cleaning session will make the computer as good as new and the fans will go back to working quietly as they used to.
  • Damaged operating system - We all know that Windows is not infallible and, at some point, probably an important one, it will fail. It is possible that you have some archive of compromised relevance or that you BIOS do not finish recognising the operating system you use. In any case, there is a solution.
Most common malfunctions Computer Startup
Most common computer malfunctions - Operating system
  • What happens to the screen? - Be it a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone, the screen is very exposed to have or give problems. For example, going black, which does not symbolise the demise of your equipment. There can be many reasons for this situation. One of the simplest, a lighting malfunction which, although minor, leaves you unable to work.
  • Mouse does not work - It is true that a mouse is not too expensive but you don't always have to buy a new onewhen the one you have stops working. It may be dirty, the connector may not make good contact, or the port may simply be broken. Before discarding it, it can be checked.
The most common computer faults - Display
Most common computer breakdowns - Display
  • Turns itself off - If the computer shuts down on its own, it means that needs to be refreshed because it has reached the critical temperature and shuts down for protection, so as not to burn itself. If this happens, it is because something is wrong and is usually due to the accumulation of dust, lint and so on on certain components.
  • Blue screen - The dreaded blue screen of death is many users' worst nightmare, along with a surprise visit from the mother-in-law for several days. Well, the blue screen has a solution. In fact, restarting your computer will usually fix it on its own. If it does not, you should know that your computer has a hardware problem and it will show you a code that tells you exactly what it is. In other words, you just have to fix it and that's it.
Most Common Computer Breakdowns Computer Repairs
Most common computer breakdowns - Technical Service

Obviously, the majority of users do not know how to fix the most common computer breakdowns And there is no need for them to know it either, as most of them require simple but very specific interventions. So, when any of these or similar problems arise, the easiest thing to do is to request for redress with a specialised techniciancheck the quotation and have it repaired in no time at all.

With proper maintenance and care, a computer can considerably extend their service life. The same as a car, but with one or even two figures deducted from the prices of the most common repairs.

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