Laptop Displays

Laptop Displays

You need Laptop Displays when damage or breakage of the screen from laptop. It is not necessary to buy a new laptop, because it is not economical for our pocket. It is much better to ask a qualified technician for an opinion, because, depending on the fault, sometimes the repair or the exchange of the screen are cheaper than they might appear at first glance.

The breakage of the laptop screens are usually caused by hard knocks or falls to the ground from an elevated position, or by putting too much weight on the screen, which causes it to crack. This is a relatively common occurrence even among people who take the greatest care of their equipment, making this problem one of the most frequently observed by the technical services (SAT). The result is that the laptop breaks at its most fragile part, which is the screen.

Another problem that can occur with laptops is a breakdown. Many people think that screen failures lead to a change of equipment, but you should not take such drastic measures without having consulted a professional. computer technician. If we tell you about the problem by phone or email, we should tell you what we see on the screen when we switch on the equipment.

Sometimes the laptop screens The damaged ones have a reddish, whitish or blackish hue. Sometimes we see vertical stripes or horizontal lines of colour. It may also appear that the screen has lost its brightness or that it has suffered a liquid spill. The most obvious cracks are on the screen, casing or protectors. Any information provided to the technician will help us to make a preliminary diagnosis, which will be confirmed once the equipment is in his hands.

One of the most common laptop faults is that when we move the screen, its brightness changes, which probably indicates a fault in the flex cable. On the other hand, if the screens are dim and dimmer, this is an indication of a need to change on inverter if it is an older model, or the entire screen on newer models with OLED technology. Coloured stripes or squares are the result of a broken or damaged graphics card (GPU), and a fade to black indicates that the screen has failed or that the motherboard is not providing an image.

Before taking the equipment to a technician, we can also try connecting it to a monitor external. What we are able to see will give us an idea of the type of fault that our laptop. If the external monitor returns a clear image the problem will be the screen and not the graphics card (although there are occasions when it may give us a false clue).

When we move a damaged screen to the backlight and we see that the image is visible, but with little luminosity, we must think that the problem is with the screen or the chip on the motherboard that gives the luminosity signal. If, on the other hand, the screen is black or has streaks, smudges, damaged pixels or spilled liquid, the problem is with the screen.

Depending on the fault, the technician will indicate whether or not the screen needs to be replaced. Sometimes a simple repair allows us to get our equipment back in perfect condition, which is undoubtedly much cheaper than buying a new laptop. Ask for the models of laptop screens we have available.

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