iPhone camera focus problems

How to troubleshoot iPhone camera focus problems

How to Troubleshoot iPhone Camera Focus Issues

For years, you have used the excuse of the iPhone camera focus problems to justify the fact that you didn't come out well in the photos. In fact, you haven't had a decent portrait at home since your First Communion and it's been a few years. 

The funny thing is that, in this case, it's true: it's not your fault if you don't turn out well in the last photos. Your phone is not working properly and you have to find a solution. But the best of all is that we're going to give you two. 

On the one hand, that try to fix it on your ownwith the indications that we are going to give you. On the other hand, if there is no other option, you should bring it to Computer Repair We'll take a look at it and, if necessary, return it to you as good as new. How does it look? Good? You'll see it better when we fix the iPhone's focus issues. 

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How to troubleshoot iPhone camera focus problems on your own

Sometimes, what seems like a serious issue - focusing problems with your iPhone's camera - turns out to be something that's easy to fix on your own. But if you take it to a repair service, you know you're going to have to fork out some money. Before you do, it doesn't hurt to try a few options. 

How to troubleshoot iPhone camera focus problems - Focus on iPhone
How to troubleshoot iPhone camera focus problems - Focus on iPhone

Focus iPhone camera

Is it possible that your iPhone camera does not focus well because it you are not telling it to focus properly?

Basically, the iPhone's technology allows you to focus on an object by simply tapping it on the screen. You'll see a yellow box appear and the image magically becomes sharp in the area you've tapped. And no, don't think everyone knows this right off the bat. 

Restart the iPhone Camera app

Is it possible that the Camera app on your iPhone is stuck or frozen and not working properly? It's possible. That's because apps can crash due to usage, updates, operating system or any number of other reasons. 

In this case, it is sufficient to exit the application, close it and open it again.. Sometimes the iPhone may even need to be restarted. 

It is even possible that you have a pending update of the app and, as a result, it is not working properly. 

How to fix iPhone camera focus problems - Bump
How to fix iPhone camera focus problems - External Blows

Clean your iPhone camera lens

Is it possible that the camera lens of your mobile phone has not been cleaned since it came out of the box? Quite possibly. 

In such a case, take a microfibre cloth and wipe it as normal. For the next one, as well as not letting it take months to clean, try not to put your fingers on the lens. 

External shock

Is it possible that your iPhone has carried a blow that has affected the camera? If so, the solution is to go to an official repairer and not try to gamble with it, as you may damage other components. In this case, do not hesitate to get in touch with contact with us and we provide a solution. 

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Shall we fix your iPhone camera?

If you have already tried the previous options and there is no way to get a hand on it, you have option B, which is external repair. 

In this case, obviously, you will have to pay for the repair but, at least in our case, we are in a position to prevent you from having a heart attack. How? First of all, by providing you with free, no-obligation quote so that you know how much you would pay at all times. 

Second, with a pick-up and delivery service of your iPhone at your doorstep or wherever you tell us. 

We can't make it any easier for you. Well, yes, it will take us no time at all to fix it. Call us or write to us and ask. 


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