iPhone 12 screen replacement price

iPhone 12 screen replacement price

iPhone 12 screen replacement price and how to do it

It's happened to everyone and you were no different: you dropped your mobile phone and it broke. Search in Google on iPhone 12 screen replacement price and the first scares arrive. 

After the scares, however, comes the good news, for it is not only from official Apple service lives the user of iPhone. Read on and we'll show you that you can fix your iPhone for less money than you thought. Even fix it yourself. 

Change the screen of an iPhone 12 myself

Is it possible to changing the screen of an iPhone 12 on my own? The answer to that question is yes, with nuances. Obviously, you need certain instructions that we will give you. 

In addition, you will need a tool kit specifics in order to be able to do so. And, obviously, a new screen The price of spare parts will vary depending on the model: 

That said, if you feel that this job is beyond you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical service and we will help you. 

What is the price of an iPhone 12 screen replacement?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, it is advisable to compare prices. And, in this case, the obvious comparison is to the Official Apple After Sales Service

The price differences between Apple and a specialised technical repair service The difference between 65-70% can be as much as 65-70%. Does that sound like a lot? Take a look and compare.

iPhone 12 screen replacement at the Apple Store

  • iPhone 12 - 338,99 euro
  • iPhone 12 Mini - 279,99 Euro
  • iPhone 12 Pro - 338,99 euro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - 405 euros

And be careful because the price offered by Apple, as you can see on its website, is not definitive but rather a estimated cost. The price may be increased if they encounter any unexpected setbacks in the repair. However, they are obliged to inform you before touching anything. 

iPhone 12 Screen Replacement at Repair Computers

iPhone 12 screen replacement price - Repaired
iPhone 12 screen replacement price - Repaired within 24 hours

In the case of the Computer Repair Servicethe final price includes repair, labour and VAT. In addition, the iPhone 12 is collected from the customer's home or a specified address, courier service MRW by means of, in 24 hours and the next day they are already working on the repair. Shipping costs €20 on the peninsula. 

How long does the iPhone 12 screen repair take?

And to conclude, another important element: ¿How long the repair takes? In our case, the commitment is that in 24 working hoursIf your iPhone 12 screen is repaired, your iPhone 12 screen will be repaired (barring stock issues). 

That is, if you bring it to the shop, in 24 working hours you have it. If you are not in Madrid, it would be 3 days (one to pick up the iPhone, another to fix it and a third to take it back). Not so bad, right?

In the case of Support Applethe time offered for a screen replacement is 5 working days. A period of time that, in general, would include a weekend in between, which would add 2 more days to the repair. In other words, a week without a mobile phone. 

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