iPad and iPhone: All you can pick up in 1 minute

iPad and iPhone: All you can pick up in 1 minute

iPad and iPhone and all you can pick up in 1 minute: A Dream

When we talk about iPad and iPhone and all you can pick up in 1 minutewe are located in a shop Media MarktThe restaurant, absolutely empty of people, where you are the only customer. 

The next thing you need to know is that you will have 60 seconds to catch as much as you can.. The only condition is that when the clock reaches zero, whatever you have taken must be inside a circle at the entrance, from where you will start your express shopping. 

From any point of view, it's a dream come true. But a dream that can turn into a nightmare of remorse, regret and guilt if you don't make the most of the minute of glory the shop gives you. The question is, how would you deal with it? 

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The perfect strategy to win

Sometimes dreams do come true and this video is proof of that. One lucky guy had the chance to catch iPad and iPhone and all you can pick up in 1 minute What did he get? Nothing more and nothing less than 50,000 euros in technological devices

How did he do it? With a strategy predefinedHe was aware of what he wanted to take with him and, above all, with an LG Smart TV that served as a base for him to take the rest of the devices. 

So, on top of the TV, he placed several cameras, a handful of Samsung Galaxy, a handful of Samsung Galaxy, a handful of Samsung Galaxy, a handful of Samsung Galaxy and a handful of Samsung Galaxy. iPhone and, of course, as many iPads as he could. 

By the time he reached the reception circle, he had already accumulated 42,000 euros worth of products and still had 20 seconds to spare. He made the most of them by throwing in everything he could get his hands on: headphones, hoovers, external hard drives... 

All for a total of almost 50,000 euros, which made it clear that not all heroes wear capes, some of them can get by with a giant Smart TV. to surf through a Media Markt to final victory. What started out as a iPad and iPhone and anything you can pick up in 1 minute, turned into a minute of heroics and insight. 

What if you were given 150 seconds?

On the face of it, if you were given two and a half minutes, you would be able to achieve 150% more products and spending, right? Well, the reality is quite the opposite. 

In this case, the lucky winner will have 150 seconds to, once again, grab whatever you want in a Saturn shop.The problem? It seems bigger than Media Markt, with the added bonus that the contestant chooses to make several loaded trips, rather than pick up a TV or something as a base for a first shot at glory. 

Even so, the items chosen are almost the same as its companion: iPadsiPhones, iMacs, professional cameras... The what was very well thought out, but part of the how was missing. Logistics is very important in these cases. 

Even so, good old Sebastian 29,000 on technology products. It's all very well but, of course, comparisons are odious and the guy in the first video has been eaten up. 

Where to fix the broken ones?

It is more than likely that between running, throwing, hitting and wiggling, more than one of the products selected by the two contestants was broken before it was even opened. 

Obviously, no one would think of throwing it away or, better still, going to exchange it in the shops that have just been looted, with the permission of their owners and marketing managers. 

So what can they do? Put yourselves in contact with Computer Repair for us to give them a free, no-obligation quote. In less time than you think, you'll have everything you've shorn the shop of, good as new and ready to use. Not so bad, is it?

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