How to repair the iPhone 6 screen

How to repair iPhone 6 screen - iPhone screen repair - Repair iPhone screen

How to repair the non-responsive touchscreen on my iPhone 6s

If you have searched for how to repair the iPhone 6 screen on Google and you have arrived here, it is obvious that you have a problem. And like all problems, this one has a solution. In fact, you have several solutions that we are going to show you until your phone is as good as new. 

Why is the touchscreen of my iPhone 6 not responding?

Your mobile phone, despite being manufactured in 2014, works great until it suddenly stops working. ¿Why the touchscreen on my iPhone 6 does not answer? Problems can arise from a number of sources. For this reason, it is useful to review the common reasons why the display of the iPhone 6 stops working. 

How to repair the iPhone 6 screen - Repair iPhone screen not responding
How to repair iPhone 6 screen - Not responding
  • Clean the screen - Turn off your iPhone 6 and, using a microfibre cloth, gently wipe the screen of your phone. Don't press too hard, don't use cleaners, don't get it wet, just clean it thoroughly in case accumulated dirt prevents it from working normally. 
  • Remove the screen protector - It is possible that if the quality of your screen protector is not up to standard, it may start to give problems after a while. Remove it, remove the cover and test if the screen works after removing it. 
  • Non-original charger - Using non-genuine Apple accessories has its risks, and the charger is one of the ones you use every day, so it can affect the performance of your iPhone 6 - in this case, the screen. Start using an Apple charger and see if that fixes it. 
  • Restart the iPhone - A desperate classic that nevertheless works on many occasions. Turn off your iPhone 6 and reboot it, it is possible that a software setting has locked the screen. Be careful, if the screen doesn't work, you will have to force a restart. To do this, press and hold the Sleep + Home button simultaneously and when the Apple logo appears, release them. 

Software issues and your iPhone's touchscreen

Have you tried everything and the iPhone screen is still not responding? It is possible that you have software and touchscreen issues on your iPhone. Some iPhone 6s and 6s have suffered from what is known as the '.Touch Disease'. This is a structural problem that all iPhone 6s and iPhones have had. iPhone 6 Plus and which resulted in many of them having problems with their screen. Some temporarily, others permanently. 

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In order to locate this problem, it is usual to find a small grey bar at the top of the iPhone 6 screen. Just where the icons for coverage, WiFi, operator and so on appear. If it appears, you got 'Touch Disease

The problem that generates Touch Disease' is generated on a chip on the motherboard that controls the detection of finger contact on the glass of the iPhone 6.. Over time, this chip loses contact, to the point of disconnecting the touch element of the screen or, even worse, pressing random areas. So if this happens to you, the first thing to do is to remove the unlock code, so that it doesn't press random numbers and lock permanently. 

How to repair the iPhone 6 screen - Repair iPhone Touch Disease screen
How to repair iPhone 6 screen - Touch Disease

In principle, it is best to Repair your iPhoneby removing this chip and making a 'Reballing'. Obviously, this work must be carried out by professionals, so do not hesitate to ask us free, no-obligation quote to find out how much it would cost you. Now, what would you prefer to burn a last cartridge and try to repair it yourself? We tell you how iPhone 6 screen repair and we trust that all will go well. 

If the problem persists, repair the touchscreen as follows

If you are going to embark on the adventure of iPhone 6 screen repairyou will need two precision screwdrivers: crosshead and Torx screwdriver, plus a suction cup. With these tools, you have to get the chip that does not make contact to make contact again. It sounds easy but requires precision. 

How to repair iPhone 6 screen - Repair iPhone 6 screen fixed
How to repair the iPhone 6 screen - Technical Service
  • Open the iPhone - Remove the two screws next to the Lightning connector slot with the Torx screwdriver. When you remove them, put them in a container so they don't get lost. 
  • Suction cup - Stick the suction cup to the bottom of the screen, above the Home button, and lift the glass a little, just enough to separate it minimally from the rear casing. To prevent it from closing, you can insert a piece of plastic in the slot. Do the same in the lower corner that has not been lifted and raise the screen, without detaching it from the upper area, as there are cables connected that go directly to the motherboard. You will have to work under these conditions.
  • Disconnect the battery - Remove the 2 screws that hold the plate that covers the battery connector. Remove the battery connector to de-power the iPhone.  
  • Metal part - In the top right area, there is a metal plate with five screws that you have to remove and remember where each one goes. Remove the plate and you will find the flex cables and that is the area where the pressure needs to be adjusted. 
  • Paper folding - You are not going to need to see the chips, but to press them and you are going to do it with a small piece of folded paper that you are going to fold as if you were wedging a minimal table and that will go between the wires and the metal piece that you have removed. Screw it, so that the paper is fixed and avoiding the presence of the paper to be noticed, so that it does not affect other elements. If it is too big, take another one. 
  • Try - Connect the battery, close the iPhone 6 properly, put the screws back in and, of course, test it and check if it worked. If the screen works again, congratulations, you're a handyman and you've got your phone back. If you didn't succeed, don't worry because there is still a solution: contact us

It is quite possible that the problem is not with the motherboard and that the screen is simply damaged. If this is the cause of the malfunctioning of your iPhone 6. It is as simple as removing the old screen and installing a new one. If you don't know how to do it, you can ask us for help and we can help you. changing the iPhone 6 screen.

Contact with us

Obviously, it is not the same Repair your iPhone 6 for the first time, than to do it when you have already fixed hundreds of them. Experience is a degree and our technical service will leave you your iPhone 6 as if it had just left the factory. We can repair the motherboard so that the chip that controls the digitiser (iC Touch) works again. Or we can replace the screen. 

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