How to Clean My Laptop?

How To Clean My Computer

How to Clean My Laptop Quickly and Easily

Dust, lint, dirt, dirt, dirt... Despite what it may seem, a laptop is exposed to dirt, like everything else in life. The problem is that your laptop can be significantly reduced in performance if you don't keep it properly tidy. Dirt eventually sticks to the components and can even create a serious problem. For this reason, it is useful to know how to clean my laptop step by step

How to Clean My Laptop
How to Clean My Laptop - Tips

First of all, the lid

To begin to clean my laptop or computer the recommendation is to do so by the lid. This is the easiest and quickest area but it must be approached with cleaning agents that do not damage it. In this case, it is best to use a well wrung out damp microfibre cloth or, if you prefer, a generous piece of cotton wool dipped in water or, if the dirt is very stubborn, in alcohol. There are also special cleaning products such as EcoMoistwhich we use in our workshop in Computer Repair.

The most important thing when cleaning a laptop lid is to avoid damaging the computer. On the one hand, by rubbing gently and, on the other hand, be careful that the liquid you use does not seep into the interior. of the computer. 

How To Clean My Laptop
How to clean my laptop - Follow a logical order

Going for ventilation

Once the lid is clean, start with the sensitive areas. In this case, the ventilation ductswhich are the ones that access the internal fans. Although this component is complicated to clean, it is essential to do so. Hair, lint, dust and dirt can clog up the fans, causing the laptop to overheat, leading to major problems such as restarts or, directly, structural damage

To clean this area, simply clean the duct with a cotton swab which, however, you should not enter more than you need to. Another alternative is to use a compressed air sprayavailable online, in specialised shops or department stores. It is important that you don't use the blow as a cleaning element. Although it may seem effective, human blowing is always accompanied by saliva and drool, which can ultimately damage your computer. 

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Cleaning Food Portables - Suitable materials

You have hit the nail on the head

We have a cover and vents, so it's time to clean the keyboard. A keyboard that is going to take you more time than you think, because it is the area most exposed to dirty hands, sweat, food, stains... By the way, if you have spilt liquid on the keyboard, it will be directly, take it to a specialised technician to have it cleaned and the damage assessed. 

To clean the keyboard, use a cotton wool soaked in a little water and clean key by key. You also have the option of compressed air which, as you will see, is highly effective. 

The trackpad will glow

If you want your trackpad and functions perfectly well, it is advisable to clean it once a fortnight. As simple as taking a dampened microfibre cloth and gently wipe it clean. Each time you clean it, you will notice an improvement in handling that will fade over time. 

However, it is important that the cloth is well wrung out and that no water gets inside. 

Clean Laptop Screen
How to clean my laptop - Make it routine

Finally, the screen

Although many people do not take this into account, the screen is the most sensitive area of a laptop.l. Especially if the screen is touchscreen. In addition, it is an element that should not get wet under any circumstances, so the tools for cleaning it will be a microfibre cloth, cotton cloth or mop. It should do the trick. However, if the dirt persists, you can use a little alcohol on any of the above items. 

However, you also already have specific cleaning kits that combine chamois with aerosol cleaning fluid and give very good results. 

Dismantling the laptop

If you dare, if you know about internal components and it is indispensable, do not hesitate to open the laptop and clean it inside very carefully. Now, if you don't dare to touch it, you should have no problem taking it to a specialised technician to clean it for you. It's more common than you might think, quick and easy, and it significantly improves the performance of your laptop. 

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