How much does it cost to repair my computer if I am very tiresome?

How much does it cost to repair my computer if I am very lazy?

Price to Repair your Computer (It's all up to you)

If you ask us: What is the Price to Repair my Computer your workshop? You need to know that the rate varies depending on how Tired you are. That's right, because some customers are a real pain in the ass. 

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, our technicians are the ones you would call Steve Jobs when I had doubts about the design of a device. Bill Gates He travelled to Spain, just to ask us for advice on various matters. Well, even Rafa Nadal asked for help with his two-handed backhand, but that's another matter. 

And what did we do? We helped them because we are that nice. Of course, we are also self-employed and, therefore, if Jobs, Gates and Nadal went through the cash register, so should the customers who are all over the repairing process, eating the technician's ear, so should they. 

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What are you hiding in your computer? Pillín

It can happen, that some customers leave their computers with confidential material of various kinds. Yes, everyone thinks of the same type of files, but a client's reasons for not leaving their device alone are endless. 

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is the thought of a intimate home video with socks on and pulled up to the topBut it can be worse, if you also have your vest on. If that comes to light, dismissal is assured for you. Antimorbo Police

Suspicious elements can now be found on someone else's computer, such as a fan of '...'.The Ketchup', the cutting of hair ashtray that did so much damage in the 1990s or, worse still, those who cut it off as Ronaldo Nazario in the 2002 World Cup Final. 

That said, at Computer Repair we don't judge, we fix. So don't worry if you're still using Brummel, if you've been sleeping with the same teddy bear for 47 years, or if you always put the USB in the slot by the third time, it won't come out. 

Repair my Computer Rates - Price List
Repair my Computer Rates - Price List

How much does it cost to repair my computer?

So, if you want to know the price of repairing your computerJust take a look at our Price list in the photo above. 

As you can see, fixing your computer normally has a standard rate. In other words, go to our website, look under Technical Service and check the price to fix your device. If you can't find it, get in touch with contact with us and we tell you. 

The price of repairing your computer rises as a result of cynicism

What do you insist on staying in the workshop and watch how they fix your computer? Just one rule: you must be quiet, still and seated. If you do not comply with it, you will have to pay a cashier's fee, and the more tiresome you are, the higher the fine. 

For example, if you are one of those who like to peek, gossip and be on top of the technician, you will have a hard time 20 euros. If, in addition, you want to give your opinion, or even get to touch the guts of your computer, the price will go up. between 30 and 50 eurosdepending on what you do. 

Are you one of those who secretly touches things? Watch out, they are already 75 euros and things get serious. Of course, we don't take points off here like we do with driving licences. 

And finally, the Youtube tutorials. Yes, we know you've watched about 35 tutorials on how to fix your laptop, José Luis, but you're here for us to fix it for you. Is it or isn't it? 

In that case, why are you telling me that the 28th video you saw was of a Venezuelan who solved the problem in one minute? Haven't you heard of video editing and its programmes to cut a half-hour video down to 1 minute? If this happens, we will charge you the maximum rate: 200 euros

Price to Repair my Computer - In the Workshop with peace of mind and good handwriting
Price to Repair my Computer - In the Workshop with peace of mind - That's if

You can come in peace of mind to Repair your Computer

Obviously, all this is a lie. Basically, because only our technicians come into our workshop and anyone who wants to wait will have to wait outside. 

What's more, if you don't want to wait, or even come, let us know and we'll send you a courier to pick up your computerWe fix it and another courier takes it home again.

Yes, we are very nice people. 

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