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Graphics Card Repair Madrid: how to fix the most common problems

The graphics cards are essential components in computersHowever, they can sometimes have problems that affect their performance. Some symptoms indicate that something is wrong with the graphics card, such as scratches or squares on the screen, programs that close on their own, and so on. You can choose to specialised services to solve these problems or make your own cleaning the graphics card. In this article, the options for repairing a graphics card are discussed in detail.

Common graphics card problems

Graphics cards are important components in a computer and can have faults that affect the performance of the computer. Some of the common problems with graphics cards are presented below.

Black screen

The black screen is one of the most common problems with graphics cards and can be due to different causes. If at computer start-up the start-up screen is displayed but then appears black, may be a driver problem. It may also be because the graphics card is not properly plugged in on the motherboard or that the power supply The graphics card is not generating enough power for the graphics card.

Vertical or horizontal stripes

Vertical or horizontal stripes on the screen are usually a hardware problem with the graphics card.. This may be due to a video memory failure or overheated graphics card. One solution to this problem is for the user to regularly monitor the temperature of the graphics card and ensure that it is properly plugged into the motherboard.

Graphics Card Repair - Scratches
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Scratches Problem

Artefacts or coloured squares

If artefacts or coloured squares on the screencan be a chip overheating problem. In some cases, repairing the graphics card may solve this problem.The graphics card may also need to be replaced with a new one. In addition, it is important for the user to ensure that the graphics card is correctly assembled on the motherboard and that the ventilation of the computer is working properly.

Graphic Card Repair - Coloured Squares
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Colour Squares Problem

Programmes that crash or close

If programs crash or close unexpectedly, it may be a problem with the graphics card. This symptom is related to errors in drivers or lack of memory on the card. The user may be able to solve this problem by reinstalling the graphics card drivers or by purchasing a graphics card with higher memory.

Graphic Card Repair - Electronic Services
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Electronic Services

Electronic graphics card repair services in Madrid

Graphics cards are a critical element in the user experience when it comes to gaming, video playback and graphics editing tasks. However, technical problems are common. This is why it is possible to turn to companies that specialise in graphics card repair.

Companies specialising in the repair of graphics cards in Madrid

There are several companies specialising in the repair of graphics cards, among which are Computer Repair. This company has trained personnel to identify the source of the problem and carry out the repair, with a high success rate in recovering damaged cards. The research and repair of graphics cards is meticulous work, so it is essential that technicians possess specific skills and experience to carry out the work efficiently.

Prices and service time

The cost of graphics card repair will depend on the specific damage and the type of graphics card that is damaged. The price range is approximately 150-200 euros, although it is better to review and free quote on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, if the graphics card is out of warranty, the repair may be more expensive, especially if it requires specific components that are no longer readily available.

Regarding the service time, this also depends on the type of repair to be carried out. In some cases, it could take a couple of days, while in others it could take up to two or three weeks. It is best to consult directly with Computer Repair to get a better idea of specific times and costs.

How to perform a graphics card cleaning

The cleaning the graphics card is an essential task for maintaining its proper functioning and preventing performance failures. This section describes the benefits of periodic graphics card cleaning, when it is necessary, and the steps to follow to do it properly.

Benefits of cleaning

The cleaning the graphics card can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventing overheating of the graphics card and thus avoid overloading the system which could result in irreversible damage.
  • Dust removal and other debris that may accumulate in the fans and air vents, which can cause noise and reduced graphics card performance.
  • Extending service life of the graphics card. Regular cleaning can prevent problems and failures that can result from the accumulation of dust and other debris.
How To Clean My Laptop
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Dust Cleaner

When to clean the graphics card

Experts recommend cleaning the graphics card at least once a year, although the cleaning interval may depend on some factors, such as the frequency of use or the environmental conditions in which the computer is located.

It is also important to pay attention to symptoms that may indicate the need for cleaning. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Excessive noise coming from the graphics card, such as an abnormally loud fan noise.
  • Blocking or closing of programmes for no apparent reason.
  • Black screen or coloured stripes on the screen.
How To Clean My Computer
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Dust Cleaning

Steps for proper cleaning

Before starting to clean the graphics card, it is important to disconnect the computer from the power supply and remove the graphics card from the slot to which it is connected.

These are the steps to follow to carry out proper cleaning:

  1. Use compressed air to remove dust and other debris from the surface of the graphics card, making sure to avoid direct contact of the spray nozzle with the card. Compressed air can be purchased at electronics shops.
  2. Apply a special cleanerl for electronics on the ports and connectors of the graphics card with a soft brush.
  3. Cleaning the fans and air outlets with a soft brush to avoid damaging the components.
  4. Check Make sure that no dust or liquid remains on the card before reinstalling it in the computer.

Carrying out a cleaning the graphics card correctly can prevent problems and malfunctions. It is important to follow these steps with caution and be sure to unplug the computer before beginning the cleaning process.

Power supply problems and how to solve them

The power supply is one of the most important components of the computer. Without it, your computer cannot function properly and, in some cases, may even be damaged. If your graphics card is faultyThe problem stems from the power supply. In this section, we describe some symptoms that may indicate a power supply failure, as well as solutions to fix them.

How to identify if the fault is coming from the power supply

  • The equipment does not switch on and there is no power signal on the graphics card.
  • The graphics card features performance failuresThe display of the screen is not always clear, such as artefacts or coloured squares on the screen.
  • Graphics card overheats and randomly malfunctions or shuts down on its own.

If you experience any of these symptoms, the first thing to do is to make sure that the power supply is properly connected to the motherboard. If everything is connected correctly, it is possible that the power supply is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Solutions for power supply failure

There are different solutions you can address if you experience problems with the power supply:

  1. Change the power supply: This is the easiest option if you suspect that the power supply is damaged. You can buy a new one in specialised shops or online.
  2. Repair the power supply: If you are an electronics expert, you may be able to repairing the power supply. However, this task is often complicated and should only be carried out by someone with knowledge and experience.
  3. Upgrade the power supply: It is recommended that your power supply provides enough power to power your graphics card without overheating. If you have a powerful graphics card, you may need to upgrade to a power supply that offers more wattage.

In any case, if you have any doubts about how to choose or repair the right power supply for your graphics card, it is advisable to seek advice from computer repair experts.

Reballing technique

The reballing is a technique used by professionals to manually solder and desolder the GPU and memory chips on a graphics card.. This technique can be applied to other components, such as processor sockets and notebook processors.

What is reballing?

The reballing is a very detailed process that involves the removal and replacement of the small solder balls under the chips on the graphics card. On many occasions, the problem with the graphics card is caused by bad solderingand reballing is a technique that helps to correct this.

The graphics card reballing can be carried out by a professional in a specialised workshop. The process is carried out in several stages: the chip is disassembled and the old solder residues are removed. Then new solder beads are applied and the chip is placed back on the graphics card.

Graphics Card Repair - Reballing
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Reballing

How to carry out a successful reballing in Madrid

Reballing must be carried out by professionals with the right equipment. This process requires skill and experience to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. Before making the decision to reballing, it is necessary to consider the value of the graphics card and the cost of the repair.

In addition, it is important to verify whether the chip that will require repair is commercially available. As processors and memories are designed for different types of graphics cards, it is necessary to ensure that the replacement chip is compatible with the model of the graphics card to be repaired.

Reballing is an alternative for the repair of graphics cards.If done correctly, it can be very effective in solving the problems. However, it is recommended that the technique be performed by professionals with the required equipment and experience, as it can be very dangerous to attempt reballing at home without the proper tools and knowledge.

How to keep your graphics card in good condition

Tips for preserving your graphics card

A graphics card is a critical component for the proper functioning of your computer, especially if you are a gamer or if you are involved in tasks that require high graphics performance. To ensure that your graphics card is working in optimal conditionsIf you are not sure how to do this, it is important to follow a few tips that will help you to keep it in good condition:

  • Avoid exposing your graphics card to high temperatures.The temperature of the GPU can cause some wear and tear. A good way to control the temperature is by using an application to monitor the GPU temperature. It is recommended not to exceed 90 degrees Celsius.
  • Install the latest drivers from the manufacturer on your graphics card.. This way, you ensure that your card is running with the latest optimisations, bug fixes and performance improvements. In addition, the latest drivers will protect you from certain security vulnerabilities.
  • Performs a cleaning from time to time, preferably once a year, to keep the internal parts of the graphics card free of dust and dirt. This will help prevent overheating problems that can irreversibly damage the graphics card.
  • If your equipment has several fans, make sure that all of them are working properly and are free of obstructions.
  • Do not overclock the graphics card excessively.. While overclocking can improve performance, it can also increase the GPU's temperature and decrease its lifespan. When overclocking, be sure not to exceed the limits suggested by the manufacturer.
Graphics Card Repair - VGA Cleaning
Graphics Card Repair Madrid - Clean VGA

Preventing graphics card problems

In addition to following the above tips for preserving your graphics card, you should also keep in mind some basic principles to prevent potential problems:

  • Use a good power supply that provides sufficient power for the graphics card to function properly. A poor quality or under-powered power supply can lead to graphics card problems, including overheating, crashes and other failures.
  • Do not tamper with the graphics card without taking the necessary precautions.. When installing a graphics card or cleaning it, make sure that the computer is switched off and disconnected from the power supply. It is also advisable to wear an antistatic wrist strap to avoid electrical charges that could damage the graphics card.
  • Don't make sudden movements with your equipment while operating. Sudden movements can generate vibrations that can damage the graphics card and other components of the equipment.
  • Do not use applications or programmes that constantly overload the graphics card.This can lead to overheating and other problems that can irreparably damage the graphics card.

Following these tips will help you to keep your graphics card in good condition, preventing problems and ensuring an optimal experience when using your computer. Remember, if you experience problems with your graphics card, it is best to have it professionally serviced to avoid further damage.

Nvidia graphics card repair in Madrid

The Nvidia graphics cards are one of the most important components in a computer, enabling optimal performance in video games and graphics applications. However, these cards can present problems that require specialised repair. Here are the most common faults in Nvidia graphics cards and how to repair them.

Common Nvidia graphics card faults

  • Black screenIf you only see a black screen when you turn on the computer, the problem may be the Nvidia graphics card. In this case, a possible solution is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.
  • Artifacts or coloured squaresThis is the appearance of strange artefacts on the screen, which may be caused by overheating problems or RAM failures. A possible solution is to update the Nvidia graphics card drivers.
  • Fan failureIf the fan of the Nvidia graphics card stops workingIn this case, the temperature can rise significantly and cause problems with the display. In this case, it is necessary to replace the fan.
Graphics Card Repair - Nvidia
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Nvidia

How to repair an Nvidia graphics card at home

While it is important to turn to professionals to repair Nvidia graphics cardsThere are some solutions that can be done at home to solve minor problems:

  • Reinstall driversIf your Nvidia graphics card has minor bugs, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card drivers to correct the problems. You can visit download drivers here directly from the manufacturer's website. 
  • Cleaning the graphics cardNvidia graphics cards can accumulate dust and dirt, which can prevent them from working properly. It is important to clean the graphics card regularly to avoid problems. To do this, you can remove the graphics card from the computer and clean it gently with a brush or paintbrush. It is important to avoid using liquids that may damage the card.
  • Change thermal pasteThermal paste is a compound that helps dissipate heat from the Nvidia graphics card. If the thermal paste has expired or is damaged, it needs to be replaced to avoid problems.

When should your graphics card be repaired?

Graphics cards are important components of computer equipment and, as such, their malfunction can seriously affect overall performance. While some problems may be remediable by cleaning or, in the worst case, buying a new card, in other cases it is necessary to repairing the graphics card. However, the question that arises in such cases is when a graphics card should be repaired. Here are some ideas to consider in this regard.

Factors to consider before repairing a graphics card

  • Age of the card: A card that has been used for several years may no longer be worth repairing, as even if this problem is fixed, other problems may soon start to appear.
  • Cost of repair: It is important to assess whether the cost of repairing the graphics card is well worth it, especially when compared to the cost of buying a new graphics card.
  • Card status: Sometimes, when the graphics card is severely faulty, it may not be repairable or the repair may be temporary and the card may fail again in a short time.
  • Guarantee: If the graphics card is under factory warranty, repairing it may void the warranty, but repairing it yourself may be equally damaging.
  • Graphics card repair time: If the graphics card is vital to the computer's graphics acceleration, it is essential to consider how long it will need to be repaired.
Graphics Card Repair
Graphic Card Repair Madrid

When is it best to buy a new graphics card?

There are cases in which even the graphics card repair may not be the right solution. For example:

  • Card discontinued: If the graphics card you have is discontinued, obtaining parts and components for repair can be difficult and costly.
  • The cost is very high: Sometimes the cost of repairing a graphics card can be higher than the cost of purchasing a new card, especially if it is an older or discontinued card.
  • The card does not work at all: If the graphics card no longer works at all, it may have to be replaced by a new one.
  • Equipment improvement: In the case of older equipment, replacing the graphics card will not result in a significant performance increase, so it is preferable to upgrade the entire computer or do a major upgrade.

It is important to consider these issues before deciding to repair or replace a graphics cardThis can significantly affect the overall performance of the computer equipment.

Repairable graphics card components

The graphics cards are delicate components that are susceptible to damage.but generally the components that fail are repairable. This section describes the components of the graphics card that can be repaired.

List of graphics card components

These are the components of the graphics card that can be repaired:

  • GPUIt is one of the most important components and its repair requires a specialised graphics card repair technician. The gpu is responsible for processing the graphics on the screen..
  • VRAM memoryVRAM: VRAM is the video random access memory of the graphics card and is responsible for storing the data needed to process the video on the screen. If the VRAM fails, it can lead to performance problems and artefacts on the screen.
  • BiosIf the graphics card's BIOS firmware fails, the GPU will not function properly. However, the bios can usually be repaired by reprogramming or replacing it.
  • Heat sinkThe heat sink on the graphics card is responsible for keeping the GPU and VRAM at proper operating temperature. If the heat sink fails, the temperature of the GPU and VRAM will increase and can lead to system stability problems.
  • ConnectorsGraphics card connectors used to connect the PCIe power cable may fail. If a connector failure occurs, the graphics card will not function properly.
Graphics Card Repair - GPU Chip
Graphics Card Repair Madrid - GPU Chip

How to identify which graphics card component needs to be repaired

  • Display errorsIf the display shows colour artefacts, stripes or any other errors, there is a possibility that there may be a GPU or VRAM problem. However, if the screen is black, it may be a problem with the connector, the power supply or even the BIOS.
  • Performance problemsIf the graphics card has problems running video games or graphics applications, it may indicate a problem with the GPU or VRAM.
  • Strange soundsIf the graphics card makes strange sounds, especially a squeaking noise, this may be a sign of a failure of the fan, the heat sink or the GPU.

It is important to remember that diagnosing and repairing graphics card components is a delicate process that should be performed by an experienced graphics card repair professional. Tackling the problem on your own without the proper knowledge or tools may result in further damage to the graphics card.

Graphics card connection: Everything you need to know

The connection of the graphics card is crucial for the quality and resolution of the image on the computer screen. There are different types of connectors such as HDMI, DisplayPort o DVIand their correct connection is crucial for proper operation. In addition, electrical connectivity problems are common and different types of connectors are presented such as 6-pin, 8-pin and 12-pin PCIe. In this article, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about the connection of the graphics card and its different types of connectors and image connections.

Graphics Card Repair - Types of Video Connectors
Graphics Card Repair Madrid - Types of Video Connectors

Graphics card power connectors

The graphics card is one of the most important components for good image quality in a computer. When it comes to install the graphics cardit is important to be aware of the different types of power connectors for proper connection. The electrical connection is crucial for the correct functioning of the graphics card and to avoid performance problems or technical failures.

Types of graphics card power connectors

There are different types of power connectors for graphics cards, which are classified according to their shape and number of pins. The most common are:

  • 6-pin PCIe connectors:

    These connectors are the most basic connectors and are used for low to mid-range graphics cards that do not require a lot of power. They have 6 L-shaped pins and transfer one maximum power of 75 watts.

  • 8-pin PCIe connectors:

    These connectors are more common and are used for mid-range and high-end graphics cards. They have 8 L-shaped pins and transfer a maximum power of 150 watts. There are also 6+2 pin versions that can be adapted to both types of connectors.

  • 12-pin PCIe connectors:

    This type of connector is used for high-end graphics cards that consume a lot of power. They have 12 pins and transfer a maximum power up to 300 watts.

Graphics Card Repair - PCIe Graphics Card Power Connections
Graphics Card Repair Madrid - Power Connections of a PCIe Graphics Card

Graphics card power connection problems

The electrical connection problems are common in graphics cards and can affect their performance and durability. One of the most common problems is insufficient power supplywhich may result in poor performance or malfunctioning of the graphics card.

On the other hand, it is also possible that there may be a short-circuit due to improper or incorrect connection. It is therefore essential to ensure that the correct power connector is connected and to check that there is a secure and stable connection.

Connecting the graphics card to the computer

The connection of the graphics card to the computer is essential to ensure the correct functioning of the card and to ensure that it to get the best picture quality on the screen. In this section, we will discuss the different types of connections that exist for graphics cards, both in desktop and notebook computers, and we will delve into the particularities of each of them.

Connecting a graphics card in desktop PCs

The connection of the graphics card in a desktop computer is usually done through the PCI Express (PCIe) connectorwhich offers a higher data transmission speed than older connectors. It should be noted that depending on the power of the graphics card, different connectors will be required to meet its power needs. The most common connectors are 6-pin PCIe and 8-pin PCIe, although 12-pin PCIe connectors are also available for higher power graphics cards.

PCIe connection of graphics cards

To connect a graphics card via PCIe in a desktop computer, the card must be inserted into the corresponding connector slot on the motherboard. It is important to ensure that the card is securely connected and fastened with the appropriate screws to avoid connection problems and unnecessary vibrations that can damage the card.

Power supply of the graphics card in desktop computers

It is important to note that modern, higher-powered graphics cards require an additional power connection via the PCIe connectors to function properly. In these cases, you should correctly connect the PCIe connectors 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe, as appropriate in each case, to properly power the graphics card.

Graphics Card Repair - Connecting PCIe Power Supply
Graphics Card Repair Madrid - Connecting PCIe Power Supply

Connecting graphics cards in laptops

In the case of laptopsThe connection of the graphics card is a bit more complex due to the limited space inside the device. In addition, not all notebooks allow the connection of external graphics cards. The connections are usually made via USB, HDMI or Thunderbolt ports.depending on the compatibility of the device.

Connection via USB and HDMI ports

To connect a graphics card via the USB and HDMI ports on a laptop, you will need an external adapter that allows the connection between the port and the card. These adapters are usually a little more cumbersome than the connection systems on desktop computers, but allow the external graphics card to be easily connected to the device.

Connection problems with graphics cards in laptops

It is important to note that not all laptops allow the connection of external graphics cards.Therefore, it is important to verify compatibility before making any purchase. Also, in some cases, additional drivers may need to be installed in order for the graphics card to work properly in the notebook.

Image connections for the graphics card

In this section we will discuss the different image connections for the graphics card. The choice of one or the other connection is essential to obtain a quality image on the screen. In general, there are four types of connections for picture signal transmission: VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPortbut it is also important to highlight the connection Thunderbolt.

VGA and DVI connections for the graphics card

  • VGA connections: This connection was used for many years and is a low quality analogue connection. The main advantage of this connection is that its cost is very low and it is compatible with most older monitors. Among its disadvantages are the resulting low resolution and the improved picture quality.
  • DVI connections: This connection is digital and analogue. It is capable of providing a higher quality image than VGA, but is more expensive. It is the most common connection in high-end monitors. Its disadvantages are mainly the high cost compared to VGA and the limited signal transmission capability, which results in lower picture quality and resolution when used with high-end monitors.
Graphics Card Repair - VGA and DVi Connector
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - VGA and DVi Connector

HDMI and DisplayPort connections for graphics card

  • HDMI connections: This is the most common connection on TV sets. It is a fully digital, high quality connection. It provides a video signal, as well as audio of high qualitymaking it ideal for PC to TV connection. Fully compatible with modern monitors.
  • DisplayPort connections: It is another digital connection which is currently becoming one of the most widely used in most high-end monitors. It is designed to support resolutions of high definition and offers a fast data transmission speedThis makes it ideal for connections that require a large amount of display data.
Graphics Card Repair - Different Video Connectors
Graphic Card Repair Madrid - Different Video Connectors

Thunderbolt connection for graphics card

It is one of the most recent and fastest connections, is capable of transferring data, image and audio through a single port.. Thunderbolt is surely the most versatile connection available, making it ideal for those looking for the best connection to high-end monitors, the new Macs or USB devices, allowing you to store and transfer content to a speeds up to 40 Gbps.

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