Format HDD. Save Data in Madrid

Format HDD. Save Computer Data in Madrid

If your laptop does not work properly, it is riddled with infectious and malicious programs, i.e, VIRUS. We can saving data of its team, carrying out the backup copy The most valuable part of the computer is its data, which normally cannot be replaced.

After the backup has been performed, proceed to Format HDDThe "hard disk drive" or, as we mortals know it in Spain, the Hard Disk Drive. Once it has been formatted, we manage to leave clean the HDD free of any kind of information.

After Format HDDand the hard disk being clean. To leave the equipment in perfect condition, we proceed to install the operating system that was previously installed on the laptop from the factory, taking advantage of its licence so that everything is 100% legal. 

We install the drivers, which are the programmes that control the hardware of the equipment, such as the video card, sound, wifi... Finally, so that you can work freely, we install free software so that you can edit texts, view photos, watch videos, listen to music, open pdfchatting, surfing the internet...

Format HDD. Save Data
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