Computer Repair Madrid

Computer Repair Madrid

We fix all kinds of computers at Madrid and the community of Madrid.

We repair all types of problems and malfunctions affecting a computer desktop (CPU) or laptop computer. Regardless of make and/or model.

If the computer does not finish booting the operating system, the boot system of the computer may be broken. Windowsin which case we can help you.

Through our service of Computer Repair Madrid we can help you to solve your problems with your computer equipment.

If the computer has been infected by a virus or rather several Trojans, worms, spyware... we can solve the problem by cleaning and tuning up the operating system. In the extreme case that there is no solution, we can always save data by making a backup copy and formatting the computer from scratch, so that the computer is as good as new.

MacBook Electronics Repair
Reballing BGA
Laptop Electronics Repair
Base plate welding
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