Computer shops of Computers

Computer shops of Computers

The best computer shops for your technology needs in Madrid

The computer shops offer a wide range of technology products and services. From laptops and desktops to peripherals, smartphones and more. You'll find options for gaming, components, printers, storage and more. In addition, these shops have special offers and promotions.

Explore all the sections in this article: computers, components, gaming, smartphones, printers, tablets, TVs, peripherals, storage, home and promotions. Find out what computer shops have for you.

Computer shops: Computers and laptops

In computer shops you can find a wide variety of options in terms of computers and laptops. These technological devices are essential in our daily lives, whether for working, studying or enjoying digital leisure.

The computer shops offer a wide range of models and configurations to suit our needs and preferences. From ultra-light and compact laptops, ideal for transporting and working on the go, to powerful desktops designed specifically for gaming or professional tasks.

In addition, these shops also provide us with additional options to complement our devices, such as cases, covers, backpacks and accessories like mice and keyboards. These items are essential to maximise our productivity and user experience.

When you buy a computer or laptop in a computer shop, you can rest assured that you are buying quality and reliable products. In addition, the specialised staff will be ready to advise and guide us in our choice, thus guaranteeing a satisfactory purchasing experience.

Whether we need a powerful computer for demanding tasks or a lightweight laptop for working on the go, computer shops offer a wide range of options to meet all our technology needs.

Computer components in computer shops

In computer shops, you will find a wide variety of components to build or upgrade your computer. These components will allow you to customise your computer according to your needs and preferences.

Some of the most common components you will find are:

  • ProcessorsFind models from different brands and ranges to suit your performance requirements.
  • MainboardsChoose the right motherboard for your processor and that meets your connectivity and expansion needs.
  • RAM memoriesFind memory modules of different capacities and speeds to improve your computer's performance.
  • Graphics cardsIf you are a passionate gamer or work with graphics-intensive applications, choose a powerful graphics card to ensure optimal performance.
  • Hard disks and SSDs: Upgrade the storage capacity and speed of your computer with traditional hard drives or solid state drives (SSD).
  • CoolingKeep your equipment at a suitable temperature with cooling systems such as fans, heatsinks or liquid cooling systems.
  • Power suppliesMake sure you have a quality power supply that provides the necessary power for all the components of your computer.
  • PC enclosuresChoose a case that suits your needs in terms of space, ventilation and aesthetics, to mount and protect all the components of your computer.
  • Controller and sound cardsIf you need to expand the connectivity capabilities or improve the sound quality of your equipment, you will find specific cards for this purpose.
  • Computer fansIn addition to cooling systems, you can find a variety of fans to keep your equipment cool.

These are just some of the options available in computer shops. Explore each section and choose the components that best suit your needs and budget.

Computer Shops in Madrid

Computer shops: Gaming equipment and accessories

If you are passionate about video games, computer shops are the place for you. Here you will find a wide variety of equipment and accessories designed especially to maximise your gaming experience.

In these shops, you can find computers and laptops specially designed for gaming, with powerful processors, latest-generation graphics cards and ample storage capacity. These computers will allow you to enjoy your favourite games with the highest quality and performance.

In addition to hardware, computer shops also offer a wide range of accessories to complement your gaming experience. You can find everything from surround-sound headsets, backlit keyboards and ergonomic mice, to chairs and tables designed to keep you comfortable for long hours of gaming.

If you're looking for improved image quality, you'll also find high-resolution, fast-refreshing monitors, so you won't miss a single detail of every game. And if you need to share your achievements with your friends, you can't miss out on professional-quality video capture and microphones.

Computer shops: Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices

In computer shops we can find a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices to satisfy our technological needs. These devices give us the possibility to stay connected at all times, access information, communicate and enjoy numerous applications and services.

As far as smartphones are concerned, we have a wide range of well-known brands and models available, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and many more. These devices offer advanced features in terms of performance, display, camera quality, storage and connectivity. We can find both high-end smartphones with the latest technologies, as well as more affordable options that meet our basic needs.

In addition to smartphones, computer shops also offer a selection of tablets. These devices allow us to enjoy a wider and more comfortable experience when consuming multimedia content, working or studying. We can find tablets of different sizes, operating systems and features, adapting to our preferences and specific needs.

To complement our mobile devices, computer shops carry a variety of accessories. We can buy cases and protectors to keep our devices protected, additional chargers to stay connected, headphones to enjoy quality sound, and other accessories such as mounts, adapters and cables.

Printers and consumables in computer shops

If you're looking for a printer or consumables for your computer, computer shops have everything you need. With a wide range of options available, you'll find multifunctional printers, inkjet printers, laser printers and even 3D printers.

Multifunction printers allow you to print, scan and copy documents in one device, saving you space and making your work easier. If you're looking for quality printing, inkjet printers offer vibrant, crisp colours, ideal for photos and graphics work.

On the other hand, laser printers are perfect for printing large volumes of documents in a short time, offering fast, high-quality printing. And if you are a 3D printing enthusiast, computer shops also have printers that allow you to turn your ideas into three-dimensional objects.

But it's not just printers you'll find, computer shops also offer a wide selection of consumables, such as ink cartridges, toners and filament for 3D printers. You can find both original consumables and cheaper options to suit your needs and budget.

In addition, you will have expert advice to help you choose the right printer and consumables for your requirements. Whether you need a printer for home, business or professional use, computer shops will provide you with all the options and accessories you need to meet your printing needs.

Tablets, eBooks and accessories in computer shops

Computer shops offer a wide selection of tablets and eBooks from well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and more. These mobile devices are ideal for those looking for a portable experience for reading, surfing the internet, watching videos and much more.

In addition to tablets and eBooks, we also find a variety of accessories to complement these devices. We can find protective cases and sleeves to keep our devices safe and free from scratches. There are also keyboards and digital pens that allow us to write and draw more conveniently and accurately.

If we are looking to enhance the experience of consuming multimedia content, we can find high quality portable speakers and headphones in these shops. These accessories will allow us to enjoy surround sound and clarity in our favourite videos, music and games.

Naturally, we will also find screen protectors to prevent scratches and damage to the screen of our tablets and eBooks. These transparent and resistant protectors provide additional protection without compromising the visibility and functionality of the devices.

In addition, some computer shops may offer other accessories such as memory cards, charging adapters, adjustable stands, screen cleaners and more, to give us even more options and enhance our experience with tablets and eBooks.


Computer shops: TVs and accessories

In computer shops, you'll find a wide selection of TVs and accessories to make the most of your favourite content. Discover the latest TV technologies and options for an exceptional viewing experience.

State-of-the-art televisions

Computer shops offer the latest generation of TVs with technologies such as OLED, QLED, LED and LCD. These TVs come in different sizes and resolutions, including 4K/UHD options, to ensure crisp, detailed picture quality. In addition, you'll find Smart TV options that allow you to access your favourite apps and online content directly from your TV.

TV accessories

In addition to TVs, computer shops also have a wide range of accessories to complement your viewing experience. You can find wall mounts and ceiling mounts to mount your TV securely and save space. You will also find high-quality HDMI cables to ensure an optimal connection between your devices and TV. Other available accessories include universal remote controls, soundbars, home cinema systems and much more.

Projectors and interactive displays

If you want to take your viewing experience to the next level, computer shops also offer projectors and interactive displays. These devices allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience at home, or to conduct presentations and interactive activities in educational or work environments. Whether you need a portable projector for your travels or a large-scale projection system for your entertainment room, you'll find options to suit your needs.

Don't wait any longer and visit computer shops to discover a wide range of TVs and accessories that will provide you with an exceptional viewing experience and add a special touch to your home or entertainment space.

Peripherals in computer shops

In computer shops, you'll find a wide variety of peripherals to complement and enhance your technology experience. These devices, designed to work alongside your computer equipment, allow you to get the most out of your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Here are some of the most popular peripherals you'll find in these shops:

  • MiceFind ergonomic and accurate mice that give you precise control over your screen. Ideal for both work and play.
  • KeyboardsDiscover keyboards of all types, from classic wired keyboards to the latest wireless keyboards. You'll also find keyboards designed especially for gamers, with customisable lighting and programmable keys.
  • HeadphonesImmerse yourself in surround sound and enjoy an unrivalled audio experience with the headsets available in these shops. From gaming headsets with built-in microphone to wireless headsets for music or phone calls.
  • SpeakersIf you need powerful, quality sound, speakers are the ideal choice. Find speakers of different sizes and power ratings to enjoy your favourite music, movies and games with the best sound quality.
  • MonitorsIf you are looking to improve the picture quality of your computer, computer shops offer a wide selection of monitors in different sizes, resolutions and technologies. From standard monitors to curved monitors, high-definition monitors or monitors with OLED display technology.
  • PrintersIf you need to print documents or photos, computer shops also stock a variety of printers. You will find laser printers, inkjet printers, multifunctional printers and photo printers, allowing you to find the option that best suits your needs.

These are just a few examples of the peripherals you can find in computer shops. Remember that each device has a specific function and is designed to enhance and facilitate your work, entertainment and communication in the technological environment.

Storage and networking: options in computer shops

In computer shops, we find a wide variety of storage and networking options to meet our technology needs. These elements are essential to ensure efficient and secure operation of our devices and networks.


In terms of storage, we can find different alternatives that allow us to store and move our data in a safe and practical way. Some options available in computer shops include:

  • External enclosuresIdeal for converting internal hard disks into external drives, making them easy to use and transport.
  • NAS Servers: specialised equipment for storing and sharing files over a network, providing centralised and secure access to information.
  • External hard disksA simple and portable solution for storing and backing up your files, with capacities ranging from a few gigabytes to several terabytes.
  • Pendrivessmall storage devices that allow us to transport and transfer data conveniently and quickly.
  • USB Flash DrivesUSB memory cards, used in cameras, smartphones and other devices to expand their storage capacity.
  • Storage accessories: cables, adapters and other accessories that help us connect and use our storage devices efficiently.
  • Card readersmemory cards: devices that allow us to read and transfer data from memory cards of different formats.
  • Flash memorymemory cards: memory cards with various storage capacities, used in cameras, smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • External DVD - Blu-Ray recordersexternal devices that allow us to record and play back content on optical discs.


In terms of the network, computer shops offer a range of products and devices that allow us to establish a secure and stable connection. Some of the options available include:

  • Adapters: devices that allow us to connect and adapt different types of network cables and connectors.
  • CablesEthernet cables: network cables of different categories, sizes and colours, used to establish Ethernet connections.
  • Access pointsWireless network coverage: devices that allow us to extend and improve the coverage of our wireless network, offering greater range and speed.
  • Routers: essential equipment for establishing internet connections and managing data traffic on a local network.
  • Switchesdevices that allow us to connect multiple devices in a local network, enabling communication between them.
  • Network cardsdevices: devices that are installed on computers and other devices to enable them to connect to a network.
  • IP camerassecurity cameras that connect to the network to transmit and record images in real time.

These are just some of the options available in computer shops for storage and networking. It is important to consider our specific needs and requirements before making a decision, to ensure that we purchase the most suitable products for our technological demands.

Home and technology products in computer shops

In computer shops, we also find a wide variety of products and devices for the home. These products are designed to make our lives more comfortable and efficient, taking advantage of the latest technology available.

Small household appliances

  • Find a selection of small appliances for your kitchen, such as blenders, toasters, coffee makers, food processors and many more. These devices will help you perform culinary tasks quickly and easily.
  • Personal care devices such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, electric shavers and electric toothbrushes are also available. With them, you can keep your appearance impeccable without leaving the house.

Air conditioning and ergonomics

Computer shops also offer air conditioning solutions for your home. You can find air conditioners, heaters, fans and air purifiers to create a comfortable environment in any season.

They also have ergonomic products to ensure your comfort while working or studying at home. You can find ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks and other accessories that allow you to maintain a proper posture and avoid health problems.

Ironing and laundry care

  • If you are looking for ironing and laundry care solutions, computer shops offer quality irons and ironing centres that will help you get your garments spotless in less time.
  • You'll also find clothing care products such as steamers, garment cleaners and wardrobe organisers to make it easier to maintain your clothes.

Office and smart home

For those who work from home or want to have a connected home, IT shops offer solutions for the office and the smart home.

  • You'll find office products such as printers, scanners, paper shredders and stationery to help you equip your workspace efficiently.
  • In addition, you can upgrade your home with smart devices, such as light bulbs, sockets and security cameras, which offer you greater convenience and security through control via your smartphone or voice assistants.

Household cleaning

We can't forget home cleaning. In computer shops you can find robot hoovers and automatic mops that do the cleaning for you, allowing you to save time and effort.

Promotions and offers in computer shops

At computer shops, promotions and offers play an important role for users looking to save on the purchase of technology products. These promotions offer unique opportunities and special discounts on a wide range of products, from computers and components to mobile devices, peripherals and more.

Computer retailers often launch seasonal promotions, such as special discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the summer and winter sales. During these periods, it is possible to find reduced prices on a wide range of products, from laptops and smartphones to accessories and peripherals.

In addition to seasonal promotions, computer shops also often offer special offers on selected products. These offers may include discounts on the latest generation of computers, gaming bundles including accessories, smartphones with additional gifts or discounts on subscriptions to digital services.

Another way to take advantage of promotions in computer shops is through discount coupons. These coupons are usually available on different platforms and can be redeemed at the time of online shopping. With coupons, it is possible to get additional discounts on selected technology products, resulting in significant savings at checkout.

  • Special discounts on laptops and desktops for different needs and budgets.
  • Discounted gaming packs on devices and accessories for a complete gaming experience.
  • Offers on smartphones from renowned brands, with additional gifts or discounts on accessories.
  • Discounts on peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headphones and monitors to complement your equipment.
  • Offers on storage devices, such as external hard drives or memory cards, to expand the capacity of your devices.
  • Promotions on printers and consumables, such as ink and paper, to make your printing tasks easier.
  • Discounts on accessories for tablets and eBooks, such as cases, keyboards and screen protectors.

It is important to keep an eye out for promotions and offers at computer shops, as they can be an excellent opportunity to purchase quality technology products at lower prices. Remember to periodically check the shops' websites or subscribe to their newsletters to be aware of the latest promotions available, and don't miss the chance to get your desired products at special prices!

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