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Change Panasonic ToughBook screen: What happened?

How can it be that you have to change screen Panasonic ToughBook if they told you that this laptop was unbreakable? Well, if you think about it, they also told you that your love would last until death do you part, that laser hair removal was definitive or that your streaming platform would never run ads. It's a constant disappointment, isn't it?

Curiously, changing the Panasonic ToughBook screen is one of the plausible disappointments. And we are talking about a laptop designed to work in extreme situations and that, also converts into a tablet. Obviously, their resistance reaches certain limits, as Adamantium only exists in Marvel. For the time being. 

Luckily, your ToughBook can be fixed, unlike some marriages. What's more, we're going to give you two ways to fix your laptop, you decide which one you prefer, in the style of the '...' novels.Choose Your Own Adventure(If you understood this reference, we love you). 

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Replace Panasonic ToughBook screen: Why is the screen broken?

The line Panasonic ToughBook is designed to withstand knocks, rain, dust, sand, humidity, heat, cold, even explosions. And you just happened to break it. Bad luck? Believe us, you're not the first, nor will you be the last. 

This laptop is used on construction sites, in rescues, underwater dives or, in some cases, surrounded by dozens of children, with the risk that this entails. At any given moment, 10 children can be more dangerous than 10 nuclear warheads, 'Oppenheimer' style. 

This being the case, it's not worth thinking about why it's broken, but rather to focus on finding a solution and replacing the Panasonic ToughBook screen. And, as we said, we are going to give you two alternatives: fix it yourself or bring it to our workshop. In the style of Neo's blue pill and red pill but with less pretensions. 

Change Panasonic ToughBook screen: Step by Step

If you dare to try to change the Panasonic ToughBook screen yourself, we warn you that it is not easy, but we also tell you that you can do it. How? With the video tutorial that we have prepared for you to do it step by step. 

As you can see, the video is more than 13 minutes long and it is made by an expert on Computer Repair. In other words, you can expect it to take a lot longer. 

On the other hand, you will need a new screen for your Panasonic ToughBook and the tools suitable for repair. 

Once you have it, find a large, bright space to work in and don't be in a hurry. That said, if you collapse in the middle of the process, don't complicate things and get on with it. contact with us we will be happy to help you. Better to stop in time, before you make a mess of things. 

Change Panasonic ToughBook screen: Repair Computers

Change Panasonic ToughBook screen - Step by Step
Change Panasonic ToughBook screen - Technical Service

If you don't dare, you don't want to or you don't understand how to change the Panasonic ToughBook screen, at Computer Repairs we are going to make it easy for you. 

If you live in MadridYou can bring your laptop to our workshop and we will fix it faster than you can imagine. If, for whatever reason, you don't have time, it's too far away or you live outside Madrid, then we can fix it for you. we send an MRW courier to pick it up and, once it has been repaired, to bring it back to you. What do you think?

What's more, if you have another device to repair, you can send it with the same freight, taking advantage of the trip. And yes, you can, the service includes collection and subsequent delivery.  

Change screen Panasonic ToughBook - Home - How much does it cost?
Change Panasonic ToughBook screen - Price

Change Panasonic ToughBook screen: How much does it cost?

The big question: What are thewhat is the price of replacing the Panasonic ToughBook screen?? It will depend on the model but, so that there are no surprises, misunderstandings or strange things, you can request a free, no-obligation quote before you send us your laptop. If it fits and you accept, you will know what you are going to pay from the first minute. If you don't agree, you always have the video tutorial to try it on your own. As we said: two options. 

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