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Change HP 15s-fq screen: What happened?

Toca change HP display But how did this happen? There are thousands of reasons why a laptop screen may need to be repaired. From classic ones like a glass of water falling on it, to the familiar one that gets caught on the charging cable, to the one where you think you've closed the case and it turns out it's open and falls on the floor. 

These are the things of life, these are the things of wanting, but in this case, the screen of your HP has a solution. What's more, you won't be mortgaging your future and that of two generations down the line for the repair. 

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Change HP 15s-fq screen: You fix it or we fix it?

On the one hand, they say that the world belongs to the brave. On the other hand, they also say that the cemetery is full of the brave. Let's see, neither one nor the other, but the analogy comes in handy. 

Because when you have to replace your HP screen, it's up to you to choose your own adventure. If you want to repair your laptop yourself, turn to page 34. If you want us to fix it for you at Computer Repairs, turn to page 26. 

Unlike these legendary books, in this case, both endings should be satisfactory and we will try to make them so. 

Change HP 15s-fq screen - Price
Change HP 15s-fq screen - Do you dare to do it yourself?

Change HP 15s-fq2010ns screen step by step (page 34)

You've chosen the metaphorical page 34 and you're going to venture out and fix your own computer. That's perfect. Not only do we encourage, applaud and support you, but we've got a video specifically for you, telling you how to change your HP screen step by step. 

Wouldn't that be throwing stones at our own backyard? It's possible, but we're not freelancers, we're just nice people, so here's a tutorial on how to fix your HP laptop screen. 

However, before you get started, remember to have the replacement screen to replace the damaged one (it is important to find the model you need) and to have the tools specific to work. That is to say, give your father back the radial saw, the chisel, the drill, the duckbill spanner and the insulating tape. If you don't say anything, I'm sure he won't either. 

Change HP 15s-fq screen - Step by step
Change HP 15s-fq screen - We collect your HP at home

Change HP screen in Computer Repair (page 26)

At this point in the film, if you are considering having us fix your HP screen, there are two possibilities. 

Firstly, that you were clear from the beginning that you were not going to gamble with opening your laptop and that you were going to leave the repair in the hands of professionals (because we are nice but also very professional). 

The second option is that you've thrown yourself into changing HP screens and, halfway through, you've realised that you don't know how to go on or go back. 

In either case, we are here to help you. Haven't we already told you how nice we are? Get in touch contact with us and, whatever your laptop is, we'll repair it, replace the screen and whatever else may have broken along the way. 

In addition, to make sure there are no problems, we give you a free, no-obligation quote before you do anything else, so that you know how much it will cost to replace your HP screen. 

And if you happen to be hundreds of kilometres away from Madrid, no problem, we send a courier to pick up your HP computer and in 24/48 hours he picks it up, we repair it and as soon as it is ready, he takes it to your home. Very, very, very nice. 

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