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The best video games of the 80s - Out Run
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

The best video games of the 80s

Shall we take a trip back to the best video games of the 80s? How many did you play? How many do you remember?

Worst mobile phones ever - Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

The worst mobile phones in history

The hardest thing about the worst mobiles in history is that before they were released, they had to be approved in several departments.

Remembering Neo-Geo Videogame Classics 90 Games
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Remembering classics: Neo-Geo

The Neo-Geo was the dream console, desired and admired, as well as impossible, for a whole generation.

Best PlayStation 1 video games - 1994
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Best PlayStation 1 video games

To review the best PlayStation 1 video games, it is necessary to remember that the PlayStation was launched in Japan in December 1994.

Origin of Super Mario Bros (since 1983)
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Origin of Super Mario Bros (1983)

Seeing the success of Super Mario Bros: The Movie, we remember the origin of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.

Y2K: Was the apocalypse real?
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Y2K: Was the apocalypse real?

Y2K threatened to collapse the entire planet and it was all... because of double digits! Do you remember what happened?

Remember the iPhone 4? - Features and benefits
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Remember the iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 was launched back in 2010 and revolutionised the mobile phone industry. Do you remember why?

Game Boy facts and myths - Facts
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Game Boy: Curiosities and myths

Remember the Game Boy? It took it by storm more than 30 years ago and today we pay tribute to it with some facts and curiosities.

Windows 98: Presentation Fail - Bill Gates and Chris Capossela
Jesus Redondo Consuegra

Blue Disaster - Windows 98

Is Windows 98, with Bill Gates and Chris Capossela, the worst presentation ever? We remember the moment.

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