Can AI wipe out humanity?

Can AI wipe out humanity in 2024?

Is the human race in danger?

¿Can AI wipe out humanity? The answer is simpler and more worrying than one might expect. 

"Mitigating the risk of extinction at the hands of AI should be a global priority, along with other dangers on a societal scale, such as pandemics and nuclear war".

This statement, when taken at face value, should already make humanity wary of the danger it is developing with its own knowledge. 

If we add to this the fact that these words have been supported by Sam Altmancreator of ChatGPTThe issue becomes even murkier. 

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Can AI wipe out humanity?

The humanity has been going on for centuries, especially the last two, bent on wiping out its own species. Fortunately, however, he has failed in this strange endeavour. 

It is fortunate for humans that, for the time being, no more intelligent species has appeared in the animal kingdom. 

But what if it were not a species, but an intangible entity such as the Artificial Intelligencewho had the tools and the motivation to do so? 

It is clear that, in terms of intelligence, AI is already far ahead of humans. The question is at what point would AI become sufficiently autonomous to end its direct competition on Earth: humans

How could AI annihilate us?

Can AI wipe out humanity in 2024? Nuclear War
Japan dropped 2 atomic bombs, the United States alone has more than 5,100.

Nuclear war

Thinking about the ways in which Artificial Intelligence could wiping out more than 8 billion people is as unlikely as it is inevitable. And one of the first ways that may come to mind is through the detonation of nuclear bombs around the world. 

Obviously, everyone knows that the countries with heads nuclear available, they keep their launch codes under lock and key, they have a thousand security measures and detonating them involves a multi-step process. 

What would happen if an AI took over computer control of the custodial programme and decided to drop all US and Chinese nuclear bombs on Europe? 

To put this in context, when the nuclear incident happened at ChernobylThe radiation reached Barcelona, which is more than 3,100 km away. Bearing in mind that the United States has more than 5,000 warheadsWe could call it a day. 

Can AI wipe out humanity by 2024? Global blackout
How long would we survive without electricity?

Global blackout

We've seen it a thousand times in Hollywood and it could become a reality. An AI called Skynet, Veronica or Siri takes control of the world's electricity grid, knocks out the planet's power supply, and the Earth becomes '...'.The Walking Dead‘. 

Yes, there would be some Rick, some Michonne, some Daryl, some Carol who would manage to survive, but 99% of humanity would end up as zombies. 

It would be especially hard for many people not to have a place to carry the mobile

Can AI wipe out humanity by 2024? Robots
If the T-1000 was scary and we knew it in 1991, imagine what the robots will be like now.

Terminator-like robots

It's the most syfy option but it's not out of the question, is it? We already saw it in 'I, Robot', the film by Will SmithThe androids They would beat us mentally, physically and in numbers. It would be very difficult. 

And the worst thing is that Will Smith is not around to save the world, especially after the confessions of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. 

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What can we do if the AI decides to wipe out humanity?

Obviously, if the AI takes over, we will be in trouble. But what can you, as an independent individual and a grain of sand on this beach called the planet, do? 

It is not superfluous to keeping your computer free of viruses so that, at the very least, it is difficult for the AI to access it. That's where we come in. See we update, clean, maintain and upgrade your computer to get the most out of it. Yes, the AI will eventually get into your files, look at your photos and videos, even share them on networks, as it rampages around Australia, but it will take time. And that's a source of pride and great conversation, in the midst of the apocalypse. 

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