Can I upgrade my MacBook Air memory?

Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - RAM

Can I upgrade the memory in a MacBook Air?

Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? Yes, but only on certain models. Using Apple means that certain quick and easy operations on other computers cannot be performed on Apple laptops. So, if you are considering replacing the hard drive in your MacBook Air to use one with more storage or more RAMIf your model is not compatible, it is possible that it is not. It is a matter of checking. 

But what is the rationale behind the decision whether to Is it possible to upgrade the memory of a MacBook Air or not?? It's simple. The key feature of MacBook Air is its ultra-thin, lightweight design for mobility. This design means sacrificing some of the power that other models have. So you often have to choose between power and convenience, and power doesn't always win out. 

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Expand MacBook Air storage

If you are looking for upgrade MacBook Air memoryBecause you have an 11- or 13-inch computer with 128GB of SSD storage, it's logical that sooner rather than later you'll run out. It's enough to save a few random files, some video and four other things for the memory to warn you that it's about to crash, as the technicians at Apple

Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - Size
Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - Model

So, the solution is to get an external hard drive to dump the data onto, or to replace the SSD with a larger capacity one. The problem? Not all models will allow you to do so, because in some, the hard drive is soldered to the motherboard, which means you can't manipulate either of the two parts. But what are these models?

  • It is not possible to - MacBook Air 2022, MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Air 2019 and MacBook Air 2018
  • Yes we can - MacBook Air 2010-2017

If you do not know What year is your MacBook AirJust click on the Apple logo in the top left corner and click on the '...' option.About this MacHere you will find all the information about your team. 

How to increase the RAM in a MacBook Air

Once seen how to expand storage we tell you how to increase the RAM on a MacBook Air. And, basically, we start by recommending that you don't do that. The reason, as mentioned above, is that the RAM modules are soldered to the motherboard and any attempt to tamper with them, no matter how good the youtuber who told you about it is, could result in you damaging the motherboard and leaving your MacBook Air to be used as a chopping board in the kitchen. 

Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - Storage
Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - Storage

The simplest recommendation we can give you is that, before you buy a MacBook Air, you should carefully analyse its features.check your needs and you make sure that both storage and RAM fit what you need. 

That said, if you insist on increase the RAM in your MacBook Airwhatever happens, we tell you how to do it step by step.

Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory?
Is it possible to upgrade MacBook Air memory? - RAM memory
  • Switch off and cool down - Turn off your MacBook Air and let it cool for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Disconnection - Remove all cables from your MacBook Air and any accessories and peripherals. 
  • Housing bottom - Turn the unit upside down and remove the lower casing, using a screwdriver. Remember where each screw goes because each one has its own position. 
  • Static electricity - Remember to discharge your body of static electricity with the help of a metal surface. 
  • RAM memory - When you have located the RAM, pull it out with the ejector levers and remove the module without touching the gold-plated connectors. 
  • New RAM - When inserting the new RAM card, you must not touch the gold-plated connectors either. 
  • Adjust - Press the RAM memory until it clicks into place and you're done. 

MacBook Air Memory Upgrade Support at Repair Computers

It may happen that in the midst of the upgrade MacBook Air memoryyou will crash the equipment. This is more common than it seems and, yes, it has a solution. Repair MacBook and any Apple device at Repaircomputers.comWith the confidence of professional, authorised service that will return your MacBook Air better than when you bought it. You can also order a free, no-obligation quote to find out how much you will pay before you even leave your computer.  

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