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Your device is faulty? Don't worry. We take care of your repair. We are experts in repairing laptops, MacBook, iPhone, iPad...

Spare parts

Need a spare part? Look no further. At Repair Computers we have a multitude of spare parts for the repair of your devices.

Welcome to Computer Repairyour one-stop solution since 2006 for all your computer problems in Madrid and its surroundings.

We are a computer technical service specialising in electronic repairs. We are experts in repair computers, repair laptops, repair iPad, repair iPhone y repair MacBook to offering services of TV repair y gaming equipment. Our team of highly trained experts is committed to providing you with fast and efficient solutions for all your devices, regardless of make or model.

When it comes to repair computersThere is no problem we can't solve. From errors in the operating system, virus to hardware failuresOur technicians have the expertise to diagnose and fix any issues that are affecting the performance of your equipment. We use state-of-the-art tools and advanced repair techniques to ensure optimal results.

We also understand that your laptop is a vital tool in your daily life. If your laptop has a broken screenIf you have a faulty keyboard or any other problem, don't worry. Our technicians specialised in laptop repair are trained to handle everything from component replacements to software solutions, so you can get back to work or enjoy your laptop without interruption.

¿Your iPad or iPhone needs urgent repair? Our service also specialises in repairing Apple devices. Whether your iPad has a cracked screen or your iPhone is having charging problems, our team of experts at Apple repair will make sure your devices are back to working like new. We use Apple compatible parts and follow the highest quality standards in every repair.

At Computer Repair Madridwe understand that the data loss can be heartbreaking. If you've experienced a hard drive failure, accidental deletion or any other data loss disaster, our experts in data recovery are here to help you. With specialised tools and techniques, we will do our best to recover your valuable files and documents.

And for Apple lovers, our technical service also offers MacBook repairs and iMac repairs in Madrid. If your MacBook needs a hardware upgrade, changing the screen or a system optimisation, our highly trained technicians will perform repairs with precision and attention to detail to ensure your MacBook laptop runs smoothly.

We are proud to offer a computer technical service quality in Madrid. We strive to provide fast and reliable solutions to competitive prices. In addition, we value your time, so we are committed to completing repairs in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality.

When it comes to electronic repairswe are your best option. If you have a electronic device that does not work properly, either a TVa games consoleaudio system or any other electronic device, our team will be able to provide you with technicians specialising in electronic repairs is here to fix the problem. We use advanced diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art repair techniques to ensure your device is back in working order.

In addition to electronic repairs, we also offer services in the following areas TV repair. If your TV is experiencing picture problems, lack of sound or any other issues, our specialised TV repair technicians are ready to help you. We work on a wide variety of makes and models, making sure to provide a high quality service that restores the picture and sound quality of your TV.

And we can't forget the fans of the gaming. If your team gaming laptop needs a repair or upgrade, we are here to help. Whether you need to repair a game console, a gaming computer or any other component of your configuration, our technical experts in gaming equipment repair have the experience and knowledge to solve any problem. From hardware repairs to software solutions, we make sure you can enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest.

In our shop in Computer Repairwe are proud to offer a full technical service that covers all your technological needs. Laptop Repairof desktop computers, all types of computer breakdowns. Our team is constantly updated with the latest trends and advances in the world of technology, to provide you with efficient and quality solutions.

At Computer Repairyour satisfaction is our priority. Rely on us for solve any IT problem you may have. Don't waste any more time searching, contact us now and let our experts take care of your devices!

Contact now to order budget for your next repair, free and without any obligation. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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